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  1. Copy/Paste

    Problem solved!
  2. Ethernet Issues

    Going to start a new topic because it appears that from within my sequence, I can actually test each channel and it works just fine. I right click on the DMX channel and I click test physical channels on and they work just fine. I still don't know whether my tree will work in an actual show, but I will determine that in the morning. I will let you all know how that goes! Thanks again!
  3. Ethernet Issues

    Ok, I probably should start a new topic, but, this may be related to my above issues. The reason why I want to play just the tree is because I doubt I have everything set up correctly. So, when I copy/paste from a DMX CCR Tree timing, into my DMX CCR Tree timing, the timings are off. I fear that I don't have something setup correctly that is throwing this off. I have ensured that the fixed grids match. I have tried everything, from just clicking copy to clicking copy timings. It isn't copying the exact same thing. Thus, the reason why I want to just watch my show on my tree only. What am I doing wrong? How do I copy from one sequence to another from DMX to DMX? I know how to copy non DMX, works every time and the timings line up correctly, but never with DMX. Thank you!
  4. Ethernet Issues

    Thank you! Will let you know what happens soon!
  5. Ethernet Issues

    Thank you! I appreciate it. I will let you know what is happening!
  6. Ethernet Issues

    Thanks! I'll just hook everything back up tonight and see if I can get it to work. If it doesn't then my CCR tree will just stay constant green and it will become the most expensive steady led tree out there. If I had known DMX would be this hard, I would've stuck with basic LOR.
  7. Ethernet Issues

    Thank you. I've already installed all that and I have tested my regular LOR controllers. I am redoing the tree because my laptop's Ethernet port shorted out so I had to switch computers and set up my CCR tree all over again. I had everything disconnected, except the tree and I just wanted to try the tree out to make sure I wasn't missing anything. I know all works well with hardware utility, but I am trying to make sure that my sequences are working and that I set up my channels correctly in LOR.
  8. Ethernet Issues

    Ok, that's the problem. I haven't had time to connect props or anything like that. The way that I preview my shows since last Christmas is to do one and then run it for real outside. I know that is the hard way, but I haven't had time to learn how to set things up the way you mentioned and I find it takes a long time to draw your props. What am I missing?
  9. Ethernet Issues

    While I was testing I was using the hardware utility. Then, once I confirmed all was good, I used the Simple Show builder, then went into the control panel and told it to do a show on demand. And, that is when I got the error. I am not familiar with prop definition. I think I know what you mean by preview, but I am not sure how the 16CCR tree from HC is defined.
  10. Ethernet Issues

    Thanks to everyone who helped out. This was huge. I'd still be sitting here, if it weren't for you all!
  11. Ethernet Issues

    Thanks for your help. It is not working. I've already tested my lights using the pixel console. Now, I am trying to run a text show using a sequence. But, I am only wanting to test the tree. I may have to wait until I get everything plugged back in again. I disconnected everything when my Ethernet caught fire. I did verify that none of my controllers burned up in the process. It was just the Ethernet. So, I will try to run a test once I hook everything back up. Was just hoping to run a show on my tree to try it out. Thanks again!
  12. Ethernet Issues

    Ok, thanks. I just pulled it up. This is what I am seeing on the attachment.
  13. Ethernet Issues

    Thanks! I guess I cannot simply run a show on my tree to test it out? I am getting a comm port error when I open hardware utility. I guess I have to have the entire network on/connected to test the tree?
  14. Ethernet Issues

    Thank you. I will do that!
  15. Ethernet Issues

    Ok, just tried to do a show and got the attached error. Anyone have any ideas?