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  1. mattera68

    My 2012 Videos pixels everywhere lol

    Do you have a post explaining what lights and how to's anywhere?
  2. mattera68

    My 2012 Videos pixels everywhere lol

    That is so cool! Very nice song editing or "mashing up"!
  3. mattera68

    Sticking channels on most controllers

    I have been having the same issues. It is the same channels that do it but like you said it is very intermittent, every time I see it my head starts to boil. I havent tried switching out cables, I do have a tester and will let you know if I find anything.
  4. I am still having the intermittent channels sticking on, I was wondering if updating the firmware would help. Are some controllers limited to certain firmware? Should some not be updated to certain firmware? Thanks Tony
  5. During the show I have noticed different channels sticking on until they are turned on again then they go off. It has happened on different channels and different controllers. What causes such a thing?
  6. Thanks for the help, I had someone give me a computer that runs XP, so that is running my show now with version 2.9.4
  7. I am getting the same error and I cant get the new microsoft fix that Bob posted to work. I am trying to update software on my show computer that runs windows 98SE and is not connected to the internet. any help?
  8. mattera68

    Soldering PC boards

    I started soldering my first of three boards and started having trouble with the resistors near the output terminals. The one side of the resistor goes good but the side that looks like it has a common that goes all the way down to all terminals, I can't get the solder to get into the hole like its not heating the foil enough. I have an adjustable soldering station and this is the first circuit board I have done.
  9. mattera68


    I have 2 of the CTB16PC boards and plan to buy 4 more, I am doing a mega tree this year that needs 40 channels and I am wondering if I can use the CTB-08 along with everything else and not be a problem? That way I dont have 8 extra channels at the base of the mega that i would need to go somewhere else.
  10. mattera68

    Using a different computer

    Is it 5 machines? I already have it on 2, my main computer and an old one that I run my show on.
  11. mattera68

    Using a different computer

    I created a sequence on my main computer, copied it and did some work on my laptop which has demo only then copied it back to the main computer and replaced the old sequence with the updated one. Now i cant copy or cut on my main computer?
  12. mattera68

    Contest Winners?

    :shock:Will I be getting a call from someone? I cant wait!
  13. mattera68

    Contest Winners?

    Thank you, that is so awesome, it was my first year with LOR too!
  14. mattera68

    Contest Winners?

    WOW, i just looked at the contest winners and my name is on there, for the 32 channels or less, I was never contacted and forgot to check for the winners. I cant believe my video was picked, do I get something for it?