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  1. After a bit more troubleshooting it actually looks like it's the lights themselves. Grabbed a new set of lights and plugged into same controller and got them all lit. Going to check connections and what not but don't have high hopes on that set.
  2. So I've got 2 odd things happening with a new CCC-II. It's setup with 2 strings of 100 lights First, only the first 60 or so lights work on the first string, and on the 2nd string only about 75 work. The software acts like the others are working (if I set it up for a sweep it takes time to go over the non-working pixels) Second when it's plugged in but there's no active show running some of the pixels light up. Any ideas what it could be? Is there a reset or a firmware update I could do?
  3. dannh

    Pixel setup question

    Found it. That seems to have resolved it. Thank you for all your help guys!
  4. dannh

    Pixel setup question

    Sorry I upgraded it yesterday to Pro. Didn't get a chance to change this. trying it with enhanced now
  5. dannh

    Pixel setup question

    I've got pixel editor on one machine that I've been testing, and on another machine I've upgraded to the 5 beta and tested it there in the sequencer. Both had the same result.
  6. dannh

    Pixel setup question

    Made the change but no difference. Neither string lights up at all. I did note that I had the hardware utility up and running when I first loaded the song to play and it did mention port 3 was already in use (I had to close the hardware utility) so it's definitely on the right com port.
  7. dannh

    Pixel setup question

    Ok so it should be using ID 3 for the first port of 100 pixels, then ID 4 for the 2nd port of 100 pixels. I had it setup that way at first then someone said it was all one, let me change it back and see.
  8. dannh

    Pixel setup question

    Sorry where do you see that?
  9. dannh

    Pixel setup question

    Yea I checked that, Comm/COM 3 on both.
  10. dannh

    Pixel setup question

    yea I'm not sure what I'm missing. Hardware config verifies that I've got my CCC on ID 3, and tests fine. Pixel editor has everything set for ID 3. Go into sequence editor, everything is still set for ID 3. Go to play and got zilch. Going to take a brief sanity break from it all
  11. dannh

    Pixel setup question

    Software updated. Ok so you do all your RGB editing in sequence editor? Seems like that would be a lot of work
  12. This may be dumb, but I can't seem to find the answer in any of the documentation. I have a CCR2, with 2 strands of 100 pixels and have a couple questions: Does each port have it's own ID, or is it just a continuous ID? In pixel editor what would my setup be to control all 200 pixels? Would it be 600 channels?
  13. The way to tell if it's version 1 or version 2 is if it has dip switches or not. Version 2 had dip switches, version 1 did not.
  14. If you still have one I'll grab it.
  15. As I'm just getting into setting up lights shows it's sad seeing all the lights go dark. I had so much joy in setting up my light show this year, and so many ideas for next year. I hope it never fades for me. Good luck in your future endeavors!
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