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    Videos of houses on Facebook and my own interest in wanting a more entertaining display for years to come.
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  1. JayStang

    Free sequences

    after I selected save as and directed them to a folder ( a separate folder than for my shows) I just click it, rename and delete .htm or whatever and put .lms and any of them open like normal in sequence editor. no need to change browsers, atleast this worked on all the ones I have done
  2. I sent you wizards, and Sarajevo both TSO, Grinch Jim Carey, and a 40 second Manheim Steam Roller Intro, you just need the audio
  3. New to LOR. Phoenix, AZ Very late start, equipment failure, no more blinkin. Decided its time to go LOR. Got my controller today. If anyone can please help with sequences for Christmas songs. I will get the audio. I saw some other posts. I'm not doing any arches or rgb. Just led light products. gonna get plugs plugged in and whatever blinks to the beat, Awesome. Thank you in advance JL67Stang@gmail.com