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  1. Phoenix AZ also, born n raised. Wife from Boston. Says I can go see snow by myself if I want 😂
  2. My shows been running nightly since thanksgiving. One night my wife texts me while I’m working still and says the show isn’t on. I have a schedule to start at 6 daily. Til 10 weekdays and 11 Friday and Saturday nights. No one touches the pc or light O-Rama but me. All it needs is a double mouse click to wake the pc. And the show starts. My schedule was disabled for some unknown reason or cause.
  3. I was just caught singing with headphones on trimming bushes yesterday before decorating for Halloween. Can I have a copy please? JL67Stang@gmail.com
  4. maybe it was Catherine Zeta Jones, crawling around your laser beams. not setting them off?
  5. I'm thinking about getting a laptop to run my show. Last year my pc wouldn't start the show when my pc was asleep. I( or someone home, if I was working ) had to go to my pc and wake it up ( a simple mouse click or press of spacebar) and show would start every night. we dealt with it and it worked. "ITS 6 SOMEONE START THE SHOW" Did I miss something????? Will a laptop run the show while its on but closed? Audio out? ( I run combination of headphone adapter to rca audio out to a soundbar I mount under my eve) I had to move my pc and I dont wanna run cables into my bedroom. I can put a laptop in my garage and route my ethernet and audio to it. we use enough power for lights anyways no more sleep mode on pc for holidays?
  6. I went to high school prom, not saying when, not calling out ages. But it was an Italian restaurant. When I was asked how was my dinner( it wasn’t that good, and it was fettuccine alfredo). Jim Carey in liar liar pops in my head. And I say “I’ve had better”. the guy that picked the restaurant gave me dirty looks the rest of the night. It wasn’t my schools prom I only knew my date
  7. I ordered a ctb16pc ready to go on the 30th and I got it on monday 9-10 , It may depend on what you ordered( available parts/back order),the store did say it can be delayed on a by ordered basis for delivery
  8. wish I could, im in phx. awesome deal
  9. I’d like a copy also for Christmas. Not Halloween. JL67Stang@gmail.com
  10. Id love a copy also, please JL67Stang@gmail.com
  11. HI could I get pixel and non pixel also? Thank you JL67Stang@gmail.com
  12. **** I am looking for sequences from Santa Baby and Below****
  13. JL67Stang@gmail.com Mixing it up this year, 2nd year LOR Any Rock or Metal christmas songs is welcomed, I have bryan adams run run rudolph and taking care of christmas Randy Bachman Santa Baby - Kylie Minogue ( to show its a nice family show) Grandma got ran over - Irish Rovers (ease them into whats coming? ) I love rock and roll - Joan Jett ( plan to use the first 59 seconds only, before the next song) I Am Santa Claus - Ozzy Osbourne Kidnap the Sandy Claws - Korn
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