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  1. JayStang

    Shout out to JR and Morris

    Cheers to both 🍻
  2. JayStang

    Where is everyone one from???

    Phoenix AZ also, born n raised. Wife from Boston. Says I can go see snow by myself if I want 😂
  3. JayStang

    Am I stupid or what?

    My shows been running nightly since thanksgiving. One night my wife texts me while I’m working still and says the show isn’t on. I have a schedule to start at 6 daily. Til 10 weekdays and 11 Friday and Saturday nights. No one touches the pc or light O-Rama but me. All it needs is a double mouse click to wake the pc. And the show starts. My schedule was disabled for some unknown reason or cause.
  4. JayStang

    Imagine Dragons - Thunder

    I was just caught singing with headphones on trimming bushes yesterday before decorating for Halloween. Can I have a copy please? JL67Stang@gmail.com
  5. JayStang

    Trip Wires with inputpup

    maybe it was Catherine Zeta Jones, crawling around your laser beams. not setting them off?
  6. JayStang

    new computer suggestions

    I'm thinking about getting a laptop to run my show. Last year my pc wouldn't start the show when my pc was asleep. I( or someone home, if I was working ) had to go to my pc and wake it up ( a simple mouse click or press of spacebar) and show would start every night. we dealt with it and it worked. "ITS 6 SOMEONE START THE SHOW" Did I miss something????? Will a laptop run the show while its on but closed? Audio out? ( I run combination of headphone adapter to rca audio out to a soundbar I mount under my eve) I had to move my pc and I dont wanna run cables into my bedroom. I can put a laptop in my garage and route my ethernet and audio to it. we use enough power for lights anyways no more sleep mode on pc for holidays?
  7. JayStang

    WOWLights Sequences

    I went to high school prom, not saying when, not calling out ages. But it was an Italian restaurant. When I was asked how was my dinner( it wasn’t that good, and it was fettuccine alfredo). Jim Carey in liar liar pops in my head. And I say “I’ve had better”. the guy that picked the restaurant gave me dirty looks the rest of the night. It wasn’t my schools prom I only knew my date
  8. JayStang

    Did anyone/everyone get their stuff?

    I ordered a ctb16pc ready to go on the 30th and I got it on monday 9-10 , It may depend on what you ordered( available parts/back order),the store did say it can be delayed on a by ordered basis for delivery
  9. JayStang

    Cmb24d controllers complete!!!

    wish I could, im in phx. awesome deal
  10. I’d like a copy also for Christmas. Not Halloween. JL67Stang@gmail.com
  11. JayStang

    Snowman Mix

    Id love a copy also, please JL67Stang@gmail.com
  12. JayStang

    Xmas Rhapsody

    HI could I get pixel and non pixel also? Thank you JL67Stang@gmail.com
  13. Thats a great setup. The song is awesome.
  14. **** I am looking for sequences from Santa Baby and Below****
  15. JL67Stang@gmail.com Mixing it up this year, 2nd year LOR Any Rock or Metal christmas songs is welcomed, I have bryan adams run run rudolph and taking care of christmas Randy Bachman Santa Baby - Kylie Minogue ( to show its a nice family show) Grandma got ran over - Irish Rovers (ease them into whats coming? ) I love rock and roll - Joan Jett ( plan to use the first 59 seconds only, before the next song) I Am Santa Claus - Ozzy Osbourne Kidnap the Sandy Claws - Korn