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  1. default - I ran the Windows install and uninstall troubleshooter program, and it apparently found a issue whenever I unloaded the LOR software, which prevented the new software from installing properly (hence the install process automatically starting again whenever the computer was turned off and back on again, and it finding the "1706" error every time). I didn't necessarily cause the problem, but apparently this can happen every now and again with the installer. It fixed the problem apparently, as I re-installed the latest software again (11th time now), and there were no issues! I tested it by turning the computer off and back on again, and the LOR tray loaded properly, and it didn't run it through the install process again. Thank you for the suggestion, and I will keep this in mind if there are any more problems. thank you, again!
  2. tlogan, thank you for your help....however, running the latest Windows updates did not change anything. This is so odd. So I followed MattBrown 's procedure. It works temporarily. I tried something new this time...followed Matt step-by-step. After the re-boot and install (Matt's last step) I then opened LOR software (5.3.6)...the sequencer opened just fine, and I began tinkering with one of my shows. I then saved, and closed out of it. Without turning the computer off, I then went back to the Windows menu in the bottom left of the screen, and tried to re-open S5 Sequencer again (and subsequently ANYTHING LOR-related, and it began trying to re-install the software again, and the same problem came up as I had originally spelled out in my post from August 14, 2019: (see below) I don't know what to do at this point. What in the world would cause this? This is really frustrating.
  3. Matt - I executed your directions, and I still have the same problem. What is happening is that I followed your directions, got the latest version downloaded and operational, and did some work in Sequencer. I turned off my computer at the end of the night, and then the next day, it's back to doing the same thing when the computer boots up and is trying to run the Control Panel. It reverts back to what it was doing prior. It's like it completely forgot that it downloaded the software already. It automatically runs the Windows Installer again, and goes back to having the "Error 1706 no valid source could be found for product Light-O-Rama. The windows installer can't continue" (default, the error is 1706, not 1705). And now I can't get back into the software, once again, without going through the download process again, as you (Matt) described.
  4. yup, that is exactly what im looking for. So, first I need to group those RGB props into one group. Since I have never tried it, I assume (once I click on that group line in Sequencer), that any design created using SuperStar (or Motion Effect, or what-have-you) will be translated across that entire group? Thank you for the videos and screenshots!
  5. wanting to expand my show visuals, I am wondering how I go about group fading smart LED's (as you look at the show) on props from left to right/right to left/up to down/down to up/center to left and right/ etc.. (as in, the entire show is fading in a chosen direction). Also, I would like to show designs using multiple props (i.e. a shape using multiple props at once). I am using the latest software version, with SuperStar. thank you for your help!
  6. went to download the latest version of S5 (5.3.6) and having issues that I have never had before... - after it has downloaded and you want to use the program, dialog box comes up and says "the feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that's unavailable" and has me re-try the install (re-try doesn't work) - if I choose to cancel the install, another dialog box comes up and says "Error 1706 no valid source could be found for product Light-O-Rama. The windows installer can't continue." I have re-downloaded the latest version of S5 numerous times without any luck. Same problem every time. I have a windows system that has worked in the past up until this version. I made sure my license was still applicable with this latest software version 5.3.6....it is. I am afraid to uninstall everything and re-do the download as I would lose everything I have, and have to re-do all my sequences, set-ups, etc. Looking for some help here! thank you
  7. here's the response from the help desk: Ticket #843846 11/29/2017 11:34 am ShowTime 5 is still in beta testing, and is not supported here on the help desk. If you are looking for help, want to make a suggestion, or post a bug let me suggest posting this in the beta section of the LOR forums where developers are watching things closely and respond in a timely manner.
  8. right, however, it will not run the pixel portion....just like before when using the sd card. Everything runs correctly when using the usb adapter and the computer operating the sequencer under the "control lights" tool.
  9. Network is now enhanced. It runs using the USB adapter, but does not run when saved to SD card and using uMP3G3 director (with latest firmware). I would think the check box that OBEWAN unchecked earlier (in the speed designation area of writing the SD card) would have to be checked in my case if using an enhanced network. Regardless, it doesn't work, whether I write it with the box checked or unchecked. It does say (when in the process of writing the SD card in hardware utility) "Port 1 This port will run the REG LOR network." That REG LOR network in my case is enhanced, at least according to the Network Configuration utility, but isn't referred to as enhanced here.
  10. So, here's what I did.......since it appears that my CMB24d controller is not Gen 3 (there is only 1 kind of this controller), it appears I can't use an enhanced network because of that. So I took off the enhanced designation for everything, since everything would have to be Gen 3 to be enhanced. I built the show using the hardware utility, taking care of what OBEWAN had said earlier. Still, no lights from my pixel controllers (dumb and smart). Here's a question...when I change the network designation to regular instead of enhanced under the Network Configuration area, do I have to be directly connected to the main controller (CTB16PC) for my choices to stick (after hitting the "apply" button)? I am also using the recommended 57.6K. I've also tried 115K, but to no avail. I'm at a complete loss as to what to do next....it seems I've tried everything. Everything works in the sequencer playback screen, just not on the actual pixel lights outside.
  11. forgive me for not knowing....when you are looking at building the card from the hardware utility, the port info for network(s) is readily available to look at? I have only 1 network (all control boards run on the same network) and it's now on enhanced. I'm thinking I should take that off enhanced and uncheck that box you were looking at, Obewan.
  12. To add, i have not used the hardware utility to build a show, just the simple show builder. Also, could the Comm listener be affecting this in some way....just a thought. When i make a network configuration change, does my computer have to be soley in direct contact with my main controller (like when establishing unit id’s) and none other, or do all the other controllers have to be on to establish them all as enhanced? whats interesting, as i said a few posts ago in this thread, is that everything worked fine with s4 and regular network NOT enhanced. Well, it didnt work this time with S5, so i switched to enhanced.....and it still doesnt work. Maybe that isnt the issue.
  13. My minidirector is a uMP3g3. When i looked at firmware updates, the latest that was available was from may of 2016 if i remember correctly. I purchased my director earlier this year, so assuming it has the latest. I cant update my pixie4’s since none seem to be available on the LOR site. My cmb24d seems to have the latest. That leaves my main controller (ctb16pc-green board). I think THATS’s good since my lights that i have plugged into that are working. Everything is on the enhanced network. I used the simple show builder to move my playback files to my sd card. It moved the files fine and it plays the show fine through the director EXCEPT for anything plugged into my cmb24d (minus my weirdly operational 2 floodlights), and my pixie4’s.
  14. Hello again....I have the LOR USB485B adapter for direct connections from computer to controllers, but using the showtime player minidirector (with fm transmitter) to run the show after it's saved on an SD card. I am using 2 Pixie4 controllers, 1 CMB24D controller, and 1 residential CTB16PC main controller. All are on 1 enhanced regular network.
  15. I created playback files on my S5 sequences.....go to play them with lights via the MP3 show player (they had worked perfectly fine on playback on the preview screen), and most of the pixels don't turn on. However, anything plugged into the main controller (16 dongle) runs fine. The two pixels that do turn on are 2 floodlights (dumb rgb). What I don't get is that other dumb rgb's plugged into the same CMB24D control board for the floodlights don't work. I don't get it. I did a little bit of experimenting.....I changed the animations on the SD card to animations I made with S4 as recently as 10/31/17 and everything plays like it should (smart and dumb pixels alike). Anything made with S5 doesn't work right now. Same props and everything. Network is upgraded to enhanced protocol, as well. I was thinking it has something to do with prop groups, but that idea seems to be out the window..... on one of the animations I made with S5, I didn't have any prop groups and those rgb pixels (dumb and smart) still don't turn on. I thought maybe the firmware needed to be updated (thinking maybe incompatibility between s4 and S5), but I checked that and it appears I have the most updated firmware on all my control boards. I'm at a loss as to what's causing this problem.
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