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  1. Timbre

    Having issues loading a song

    I got it finally last night. Did it the hard way. Uninstalled the software package then used RegEdit to remove all instances of LOR from the registry (not the best way to do it) Once i rebooted and reinstalled the software it let me do all the setup and I was able to start sequencing last night. Oh boy.. going from 34 channels to 80 for next year
  2. LOR worked perfect before the holidays. During the holiday season I had a drive crash so I had to replace it. When I go to use LOR it keeps looking for directories on that old drive. I have uninstalled the software and tried re installing it but still get the same error on startup. Then when I try and load a new song to sequence I get the following errors The media file for this sequence could not be convered to the LOR internal media format. While the media file may require work, some functions such as play speed or play range may no or way work incorrectly. after clicking ok I get the next message THe media file for this sequence could not be converted to the LOR internal WAV format. While the media file will work advanced functions such as the beat wizard VU wizard and View waveform will not function. edit: I am running Windows 10 64 bit if that makes a difference HELP Please
  3. Timbre

    Trouble with multiple controllers

    So I have checked controller 1 and 2 so far. Controller 1 has one bad port so it will have to go at the end of the daisy chain. Controlelr 2 both ports are good. Now my issue is controller #3. it's a blue board and now it doesn't want to power on. I've got power to the board and both fuses are good. I have to figure out a way to check my cables. I can't find my cable tester. Might just cut off the ends and crimp new ones on
  4. So this is my first year. I had two controllers set up and the show running eariler today. They were id 1 and id 2. Tonight I added a third controller. I made sure before I put it in the system that I set it's id to 3 When I plugged it in the system and tried to detect it.. At first it came up as only finding 2 out of the three controllers but was listing one as a 8 channel instead of 16. When I ran a light test controller 1 and 3 seems to be linked and the same channel on each was lighting. So I unplugged controller 3 and tried to get 1 and 2 to link back up. They just sit there with flashing lights. No matter what I try they won't connect now. Is there a specific order that the controllers need to be linked in? Is there a way to reset the other two controllers? Is there a way that the new #3 is somehow set to not allow any others to be connected? This is really frustrating tonight. thanks in advance for help