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  1. andrewbrummer

    DMX into LOR sw - cannot get the lights on

    Hey all - thanks for the help on this. Turns out it was a number of things. Got on the support line with the WOWLights team. Short run down. the controllers were set to communicate by LOR IP in multicast was was not setting itself to the devices static IP address in LOR was mapping Channels vs Mapping the Pixels in OOB E31s had old firmware on The Pixels were 5v and transformers 12v - so each time i accidentally got something right I blew the string of Pixels DMX Universes were created incorrectly That was an incredibly frustrating 3 days. This is some clearly complex stuff and the barrier to entry very very high. There are a ton of videos describing discreet steps, however - with the range and variety of things on can configure and extend to I expect beyond the basics would be near impossible to create a single video tutorial. All I can say is Kudos to the WOWLights team. remote into my PC and just walked the errors. Very professional. clearly experiences numb-nutts like me before.
  2. andrewbrummer

    DMX into LOR sw - cannot get the lights on

    I am running 25 pixels on a set. I have tried both multicast and unicast. If I try create 1 universe the system defaults to creating 3. DOnt quite understand this part yet. I cannot find any videos that walk through the plug in of the E1.31 through to getting the lights running... i have to believe something is out there - I just cannot find it.
  3. andrewbrummer

    DMX into LOR sw - cannot get the lights on

    Thanks Dennis. I created a new SE. with defaults. Right Click on a line and say "Insert Device Below". It opens the add device box. In the Box it asks for Name: DMX Device: DMX Universe Add as group: Checked Universe: Universe 1 Channels: Radio button selected Leave at 16 channels Next box is disabled and have "1 Pixel" in it Click ok Expand the DMX 1.1 Right click select "Convert to RGB Channel" Opens Dialog. Name: Leave as default Red: Default Green: Default Blue: Default Check "Also do this fot the following channels" Enter 4 channels It returns me back to the SE screen with top 4 now RGB. Add skimmer to the top 4 Save Play Crickets
  4. andrewbrummer

    DMX into LOR sw - cannot get the lights on

    Using WOWlights Pixcon E1.31. Hardware test feature runs and displays all lights.
  5. andrewbrummer

    DMX into LOR sw - cannot get the lights on

    Thanks - yes. System setup 5 universes by default. Also checked the "Allow DMX" setting. I have tried to connect to 'n' of 5 universes, collapse into one. Tried Multi-cast and single.
  6. Need help... i know it is a stupid checkbox im missing - im about 33 hours into this and im going round in circles. LOR sw e31 configured with accessible IP. Wired Access. Wireless disabled. New Sequence. Insert Device. Add DMX1 (universe 1) Convert to RGB Add shimmer Run - Nothing. e31 controller is set to DMX mode. No CBTs connected. Stand alone. Using e31, can see machine, configure, setup ports etc. I for the love of money cannot insert the e31 device into the Sequence Editor and get the basics to show up. This is my first year doing this - so im not even sure what language to use here. We have the WOWlights kit. 3 x CBT controllers and 2 x e31. To trouble shoot above i have eliminated everything but 1 x e31 controller with 1 tree linked to it... and im out of ideas. I know this is a stupid rookie error - I cannot find it - help... please..