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    Thanks everyone! it was the fuses in the controller.

    Hi all Everything was working (aside from a couple sequences wouldn't play) then a house fuse blew, and now I cant get my controller to work. Is it because the fuses are blown in the box? I do not get the green light when its plugged in.
  3. Problem with show builder or sequences

    what more information can I provide? I don't know what else to check. Is there some sort of check list ?
  4. problem after problem.. Ok so now I have like 5 songs sequenced. I used the simple show builder and set a schedule, turned on the control panel and 1 song plays with lights, the next one the song plays but no lights, the next one, song and lights and the next one, song only. I checked channel config and made sure all were set for LOR controller and made sure the control lights is checked. what am I doing wrong? what have I missed?
  5. when its 83 degrees outside! Is there a program that I can upgrade to or maybe my basic plus license already is capable, to get an automatic sequence some how? Using a selected song can a software create a sequence that can be saved, modified and used?
  6. having a hard time with this. I have 16 channels with 2 4 channel arches. anything at this point will be helpful. Thank you! Str8upgirl@gmail.com
  7. Rock N Roll Christmas

    I have 16 channels, if you have anything you could share I would be most thankful. str8upgirl@gmail.com
  8. Hi everyone, I need to know how to go about copying and paste. I got a sequence that has too many channels, I want to choose which sequence segment to put into my channels. using LOR 16 channels. Or if anyone has a dueling banjos sequence for 16 channels they can share, that would be great. Also is there a way I can copy and paste from within a sequence I have made? I would like to just copy and paste for the chorus, but I cant get anything to copy and paste. Thanks and happy thanksgiving!
  9. Hi new to LOR. Am looking for help with sequences that include 2 jumping arches that have 4 channels each. songs I want to use are gangman style, move it, jingle bells, wonderland wizards, dueling banjos, and I really need help. Any help would be greatly appreciated!