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  1. would love to have these songs in my show. thanks for the help! str8upgirl@gmail.com
  2. Hello All, I hope everyone has had an amazing year! I know everyone is extremely busy right now, but I am going to ask if someone might be willing to help me out just a little bit... I have been working on this song since last year, and I cannot for the life of me get it right. I have a pole in my yard that uses 3 channels, and I want the main beat of the song to "bounce" on this pole, for the entire song. and when he isn't singing and its just that beat, for the pole to be the only thing going until the music changes and add more lights as the music changes. if someone could PLEASE get me started with the first 30 seconds of the song, I am sure I could pick up and take it from there. I greatly appreciate any and all help. My email address is str8upgirl@gmail.com
  3. after I read this, I don't know why, but I decided that I would put everything onto a usb jump drive, and go to another computer. I downloaded the same version software I used to create all my sequences, and registered it, popped in the usb stick and imported all sequences and media files to the new computer and I am now back up and running. Well at least I am not crashing any more. I still have to get my 2 controllers talking to each other and seen. But at least the editor is working again. I have no idea why my main computer stopped allowing these media files to work. I lucked out when I switched computers and it worked, because I was about to have a 2 year old temper tantrum. Thanks all for trying to help.
  4. Don, I am not ignoring you at all!! I am doing everything you tell me to do, I am just not getting any results, even though I am trying everything
  5. what is so strange Is the files from last year (the 16 channel sequences )still work but the new ones don't now, but did at first
  6. thank you, this is what I did after seeing your message from helpdesk. I went and got the music file again, saved it in a different location even, and guess what.... it still gives me the same error and crashes
  7. I keep getting emails from the so called HELPdesk, that I am unable to access. I have wrote them back and explained that I cannot access what they are sending me bevause it keeps saying I have to verify my account, which I cannot do, because no one has sent me that email so I can verify!!! so here I sit another night freezing half to death trying to get something to work, I even re downloaded the music files and still nothing works just crashes. and still no help from customer support. sorry but I am so sorry I bought light o rama. I just am in shock that customer service cant read my emails telling them I cant access what they send me.
  8. thanks everyone, first thing is I cant change the license part of my profile. its an error that was somehow created by something / someone other than me. I use S4.3.26, this year and last year. I did a screen shot to show the version I am using. Everything worked perfect, then I went to check my sequences one last time, and the media file wasn't present in any of them. So I went to add the media file just as I had done when I made the sequence and now that error has popped up. Error and crash. I have run the repair, uninstalled and reinstalled 5 times, made sure all mu updates are good. Turned off firewall, turned off anti virus, restarted my computer like 20 times. the ticket I put in to the help desk: I never got the registration email, I did however get a confirmation of my ticket with ticket number, but it wont allow me to access it, because the account needs to be verified via the email I never got. Email address is obviously correct, or I would not have received the ticket confirmation., I have checked my spam folder my junk folder I added them as contacts, I do know how to read and look for lost emails. As of 8 am Arizona time, I do not have an email response to validate my registration so I can read the response from the help desk. I have to work all day. so does everyone else I know, so evening is the only time I have to get stuff done and customer support should be available 24/7 during this time of year. for the amount of money it cost everyone to do this, I don't think its asking a lot. Don, my name is Susan and my email address [removed by admin] Thanks for your help!
  9. firewall is off, anti-virus is off. I contacted the helpdesk, and it said it sent me a email to verify my account but I never got it, and then it sent me another email saying to click link to read response, I click the link and it tells me I have to verify my registration from the email previously sent, but I never got it. this is turning out to be a big joke that cost me a lot of money, no lights on yet, and no one to help me.
  10. so no one can help me??? I reinstalled like 5 times still have same error cannot create tag engine and then crash
  11. error says "cant start engine tag" and then crashes, any ideas?
  12. willing to share for 32 channels Gangman style. I have 2 4 channel arches mirrored with 2 more arches, center 3- channel pole, plus trees, house lights, ground lights, and bushes
  13. anyone have this sequence? thank you!! str8upgirl@gmail.com
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