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  1. Would love a copy if you're still sharing larry_n_t@yahoo.com
  2. s1lv3r

    Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph

    James, Could I get in on this one? Thanks, LT larry_n_t@yahoo.com
  3. Could I get a copy as well? Thanks, LT larry_n_t@yahoo.com
  4. James, May I get this one from you, please? Thanks, LT larry_n_t@yahoo.com
  5. s1lv3r

    Sandman Metallica Faces Lms Pixel Matrix

    Bump, If you're still sharing.
  6. Where did you get your copy of this song? I"m hunting around on Amazon and can't find the version "with intro" or a similar run time. Thanks, LT
  7. Can I get this one too? larry_n_t@yahoo.com Thanks, LT
  8. s1lv3r

    Monster Mash Faces & Pixel

    James, May I get the singing faces, please? larry_n_t@yahoo.com Thanks, LT
  9. s1lv3r

    Sandman Metallica Faces Lms Pixel Matrix

    Can I get the singing faces for this one? larry_n_t@yahoo.com Thanks, LT
  10. Would appreciate a copy of this one if you're still sharing. larry_n_t@yahoo.com Thanks LT
  11. May I have a copy please? Thanks
  12. s1lv3r

    Thriller faces and Pixel

    Thank you, sir.
  13. s1lv3r

    Thriller faces and Pixel

    May I have a copy for the faces, please? larry_n_t@yahoo.com Thanks for all the hard work, guys!
  14. May I get this one, please? larry_n_t@yahoo.com Thanks