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  1. May I have a copy please? Thanks
  2. s1lv3r

    Thriller faces and Pixel

    Thank you, sir.
  3. s1lv3r

    Thriller faces and Pixel

    May I have a copy for the faces, please? larry_n_t@yahoo.com Thanks for all the hard work, guys!
  4. May I get this one, please? larry_n_t@yahoo.com Thanks
  5. Could I get the OP's requested sequences for singing faces? larry_n_t@yahoo.com Thanks
  6. May I have a copy, please? larry_n_t@yahoo.com Thanks
  7. Replied to your singing face thread. Thanks, LT
  8. s1lv3r

    Now Accepting FREE Singing Face Seq Request

    JR, Can you share singing faces, Little Drummer Boy by Pentatonix? It would be greatly appreciated. larry_n_t@yahoo.com Thanks, LT
  9. Does anyone have a sequence for Little Drummer Boy by Pentatonix for singing faces that they'd be willing to share? Thanks In Advance, LT
  10. s1lv3r

    Question about running my show

    OK, maybe I've done something different, but this time when I go to the Musical tab I can now see my files to be selected where as before I could not. I made a new show with all the sequences running in the musical tab. It works in a loop and I think my wife is DONE with Christmas already, LOL. I'm "rigged up" in a room next to her office, so she's suffering from my ignorance. Another plus, I got the FM transmitter to broadcast to the street just now. I think I'm about ready to move this party to the yard. Thanks for all the help guys. Much appreciated. Thanks, LT
  11. s1lv3r

    Question about running my show

    Yes, I can update the show editor. I just found it odd that I could only see/select my sequences in the startup tab. Currently, the only way I can figure out how to run continuously is to build a really long show to fill the time block I want to loop in or figure out the run time and make multiple shows to fill the time block. Surely there is a loop feature for this?
  12. s1lv3r

    Question about running my show

    I have the standard license. So there's no way to run a loop without upgrading the license?
  13. s1lv3r

    Question about running my show

    This is my first go at doing a show. I am only doing 4 singing faces, 32 channels. So far I've gotten the faces to sing as expected but am having trouble with the Show Editor. I can set up a show in the schedule and get it to run but only once. I would like to have the show loop continuously for the scheduled time. One other issue I've noticed is when I try to add sequences to the Show Editor I can only add them to the "Start Up" tab. Thanks in advance, LT
  14. s1lv3r

    Now Sharing ~ Shiny ~ Moana singing faces

    Dibble, May I have a copy please? larry_n_t@yahoo.com Thanks, LT