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  1. Question about running my show

    OK, maybe I've done something different, but this time when I go to the Musical tab I can now see my files to be selected where as before I could not. I made a new show with all the sequences running in the musical tab. It works in a loop and I think my wife is DONE with Christmas already, LOL. I'm "rigged up" in a room next to her office, so she's suffering from my ignorance. Another plus, I got the FM transmitter to broadcast to the street just now. I think I'm about ready to move this party to the yard. Thanks for all the help guys. Much appreciated. Thanks, LT
  2. Question about running my show

    Yes, I can update the show editor. I just found it odd that I could only see/select my sequences in the startup tab. Currently, the only way I can figure out how to run continuously is to build a really long show to fill the time block I want to loop in or figure out the run time and make multiple shows to fill the time block. Surely there is a loop feature for this?
  3. Question about running my show

    I have the standard license. So there's no way to run a loop without upgrading the license?
  4. Question about running my show

    This is my first go at doing a show. I am only doing 4 singing faces, 32 channels. So far I've gotten the faces to sing as expected but am having trouble with the Show Editor. I can set up a show in the schedule and get it to run but only once. I would like to have the show loop continuously for the scheduled time. One other issue I've noticed is when I try to add sequences to the Show Editor I can only add them to the "Start Up" tab. Thanks in advance, LT
  5. Now Sharing ~ Shiny ~ Moana singing faces

    Dibble, May I have a copy please? larry_n_t@yahoo.com Thanks, LT
  6. Dibblejr. This is my first year trying the Lightorama. I wanted to do the 4 singing trees, 32 channels. Anything you could share would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, LT larry_n_t@yahoo.com