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  1. GHopf

    Dimming Curves question...

    My 2 cents. I need this also. My display is choreographed to videos in two windows instead of music. Converting all to RGB even at 50% overpowers the brightness of the windows.
  2. Solved. Thanks for your direction. Found I changed another prop to custom to better define it. Somehow I left the PE prop channel on 01 on that prop. Same channel as the SE flood hardware, so it all went haywire. I guess I found out what happens if two props are on the same channel.
  3. My RGB Floods are not displaying the colors in SE. They may be following the intensity (or random) but not color config. What I Did: Changed a Prop in PE from window to tree. New prop name, same channels, same Preview, deleted old prop. Fixed three sequences to match up with the new prop. Saved intensity files. Copied everything to show laptop like I have done before. Everything plays correctly in PE simulator. But Floods are not correct and are not following sequence defined in SE. Hardware utility lights them up properly in a test. What did I mess up, What am I missing here? (just learned the PE product in last month with addition of 6 pixie2 strings) I copy the files in the sequence folder and the pe xml file to show laptop.