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  1. tvweather62

    TSO Package on SD Card

    Hi there! We had a chance to exchange ideas quite a bit last year. Are you getting ready for this year? A guy who lives in our area, just put his ENTIRE display on sale. He was actually on the great Xmas light fight show on ABC last year. He's selling for $24,000 and says he bought it for over $65,000. Too rich for my blood...I guess, but I was certainly tempted. Could I have your email address again? Mine is tvweather62@gmail.com and my name is Denis Any suggestions on how to get a custom song done? I LOVE Mercy Me's version of Silent Night...and I just don't have the skill to make my own...and probably never will. I think you also gave me suggestions on how you put the staggered lights together using your second box. Do you still have that email or thread? I loved the way your trees looked. I think you used 1 LOR controller...and splitters, but it was last year we talked about it. Hope all is well! Denis Phillips
  2. tvweather62

    TSO Package on SD Card

    Are you allowed to share email addresses? I'd love to share my decorations and see what your finished product looked like. Mine is tvweather62@gmail.com
  3. tvweather62

    TSO Package on SD Card

    Hey there. Boy, your experience sounds so familiar. I only ran 16 channels....4 for the rook and icicle lights. The other 12 were animated outdoor decorations. I'm thinking of another controller to add the other 24 boxes of stuff we bought after the facts. Hahaha How did you use those 48 channels? I also opened on Thursday through the 6th...identical. The LOR sequences were just so good...how did zones 17-32 work with TSO sequences. Do they work in correlation to 1-16? Any pattern to it? Glad things went so well....after figuring out the little things I had to learn, I really loved the experience. My neighborhood loved it too. NOW, comes trying to learn how to sequence. THAT, I'm afraid, might end up over my head. Denis
  4. tvweather62

    TSO Package on SD Card

    So, how did your season go? When did you get the discount on the controllers? I think I will add one more to my display for next year. Happy New Year!
  5. Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone had a sequence for Mercy Me's version of Silent Night. Thanks so much! Denis tvweather62@gmail.com
  6. Hi James, Could I please get a copy. Thank you so much! Please send to tvweather62@gmail.com Denis
  7. tvweather62

    "Freezing" and "Skipping"

    By the way, your place looks great! Thanks for sharing the video!!!
  8. tvweather62

    "Freezing" and "Skipping"

    I noticed you said you had problems in the rain. I have never done anything special with my lights in the rain...always ran them as usual with no specific casing for the plugs. Now that we have everything plugging into a controller (which is inside and dry), do you think we need to cover all the connections with those weatherproof covers or are they still ok as in previous years?
  9. tvweather62

    Tuner resetting to 88.0

    The transmitter...it came with the TSO Showtime Central Package.
  10. tvweather62

    Tuner resetting to 88.0

    Hey everyone. Hope your displays are looking great! Quick question. I have both plugs of 1 controller set into 2 different 15 amp timers. Working fine....no freezing, sounds and looks great. However, today, the tuner turned on and went from the 89.5 I locked in and reverted back to 88.0 which I believe it factory setting. Any ideas why that might have happened? it's never happened before and I unplug the controller (Showtime Central) daily. Thanks!
  11. tvweather62

    "Freezing" and "Skipping"

    About to do that as we speak.....it worked fine for a week, but I guess it's always possible things can happen. And yes, it's a Kingston. The Timer I use says 15 amp Max.....while it worked fine, I wonder if I should try and find a 30 amp timer...if there's such a thing. How is YOUR set up going?
  12. tvweather62

    "Freezing" and "Skipping"

    I've been running a 32 gb SD card on our Showtime Central director for 10 days. No issues. Tonight, however, the music "froze" in a type of feedback loop. I unplugged, and plugged back in. Worked fine. 30 minutes later, noticed songs started skipping, and lights in all zones froze. Unplgged. Tried again while taking out SD card and putting back in. Worked fine...but then did it again about 20 minutes later. The ONLY thing different today was I added 2 laser lights, NOT to the Light O Rama controller...and different outlets...but still...that's the only thing different. I unplugged them...and am trying again. Any ideas what could be causing this as it worked flawlessly for the first 10 days.
  13. tvweather62

    Clean up Sequence

    Hey everyone. Does anything have a cleanup sequence that fades down, twinkles, then fades up for the next song? I may be totally off base here as I've only used the Simple Show builder so far, and that doesn't give you any options. I watched the TSO sequence that was sent, and they created a really nice one. Any idea how I would create this or use an existing sequence? I just started last week, and am just trying to get things up and running. Thanks SO much for all your help in this process!!
  14. tvweather62

    TSO Package on SD Card

    So this will crack you up. After trying 3 computers and getting the same error, I just got sick of it and popped in the SD card into the computer with the licensed software. What happened? It immediately downloaded the TSO package to my files and now can be transferred to my own SD card. Comical
  15. tvweather62

    TSO Package on SD Card

    So...When I try to execute that file as an administrator or just open it it gives me an error. Thoughts?