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  1. Awesome! I just ordered. Thanks! What kind of speaker cable do I need? Specific adapters?
  2. So, is this correct? You plug the speaker into the Showtime Director controller...box where fm transmitter is, but there is still no power to it unless the actual speaker is plugged into a power source? And by using a timer, that power source will go on and off when you choose?
  3. I use the Showtime Director. So, it's just a controller, and the fm transmitter in the 2nd unit. Just an SD card in the fm transmitter, and it plays. Trying to figure out a set up with THIS, that would allow me to keep playing the music on the transmitter (for cars), but no speakers.
  4. Hey there, We run our Showtime from 5pm to 1am, but only run our speakers from 5 to 9pm We use boomboxes set on timers to play, but they're not very loud and when it gets really crowded, it's often hard to hear them. Thought of using direct speaker, but can't think of a way to run the show, and only run the speakers for a specific period of time. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  5. Hi there. I am brand new at this, so I apologize if my question is obvious. I have a Showtime Central Unit, and purchased an additional controller this year. I read on the site, you are supposed to use a "special data" cable when connecting the first controller to the 2nd, one that will only pass data and not power. Is this the green cable that was sent with the controller? If not, how do I get one? Will it fry the board if I just use a regular Cat 5 cable? Thanks in advance!
  6. I am looking for a sequence which uses the Linus Christmas Story track and Manheim Still Nacht. I've seen it on YouTube but not sure if it's floating around here. Thanks so much!!
  7. Hey there... We are using LOR, Basic Plus with .lms files. We have found many places for sequences, but I don't know where exactly to find the mp3's to match these sequences? Specifically, looking for audio files of famous tv and movie Xmas quotes. I have found a few, but have no idea where to find the audio files and if they'll match with the existing sequences. Thanks so much!
  8. Hey there... We are using LOR, Basic Plus with .lms files. We have 35 songs and were thinking of using famous clips from tv and movies, Charlie Brown Xmas, It's a wonderful life, The Grinch, etc, to break between some of them. Does anyone have something like this? Also, we saw a gorgeous mashup of Manheim Stille Nicht with Linus reading the Xmas story on top of the music on YouTube. Any idea where we could find this? Thanks!!!
  9. Hi there. A friend created a sequence for me. I have purchased the music, downloaded the MP3, and now just want to combine the 2...so to speak. I am completely new with the sequence editor. I;ve paid for many of the LOR sequences created by their web people, and it's pretty much just click, unzip, and add to the SD card. So, how do I combine the sequence created along with the mp3 I downloaded. He sent me 2 files. One that ends in .lorprot and one that ends in .loredit I'm guessing it's in sequence editor, but not really sure where to start. Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi there! We had a chance to exchange ideas quite a bit last year. Are you getting ready for this year? A guy who lives in our area, just put his ENTIRE display on sale. He was actually on the great Xmas light fight show on ABC last year. He's selling for $24,000 and says he bought it for over $65,000. Too rich for my blood...I guess, but I was certainly tempted. Could I have your email address again? Mine is tvweather62@gmail.com and my name is Denis Any suggestions on how to get a custom song done? I LOVE Mercy Me's version of Silent Night...and I just don't have the skill to make my own...and probably never will. I think you also gave me suggestions on how you put the staggered lights together using your second box. Do you still have that email or thread? I loved the way your trees looked. I think you used 1 LOR controller...and splitters, but it was last year we talked about it. Hope all is well! Denis Phillips
  11. Are you allowed to share email addresses? I'd love to share my decorations and see what your finished product looked like. Mine is tvweather62@gmail.com
  12. Hey there. Boy, your experience sounds so familiar. I only ran 16 channels....4 for the rook and icicle lights. The other 12 were animated outdoor decorations. I'm thinking of another controller to add the other 24 boxes of stuff we bought after the facts. Hahaha How did you use those 48 channels? I also opened on Thursday through the 6th...identical. The LOR sequences were just so good...how did zones 17-32 work with TSO sequences. Do they work in correlation to 1-16? Any pattern to it? Glad things went so well....after figuring out the little things I had to learn, I really loved the experience. My neighborhood loved it too. NOW, comes trying to learn how to sequence. THAT, I'm afraid, might end up over my head. Denis
  13. So, how did your season go? When did you get the discount on the controllers? I think I will add one more to my display for next year. Happy New Year!
  14. Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone had a sequence for Mercy Me's version of Silent Night. Thanks so much! Denis tvweather62@gmail.com
  15. Hi James, Could I please get a copy. Thank you so much! Please send to tvweather62@gmail.com Denis
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