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  1. Clean up Sequence

    Hey everyone. Does anything have a cleanup sequence that fades down, twinkles, then fades up for the next song? I may be totally off base here as I've only used the Simple Show builder so far, and that doesn't give you any options. I watched the TSO sequence that was sent, and they created a really nice one. Any idea how I would create this or use an existing sequence? I just started last week, and am just trying to get things up and running. Thanks SO much for all your help in this process!!
  2. TSO Package on SD Card

    So this will crack you up. After trying 3 computers and getting the same error, I just got sick of it and popped in the SD card into the computer with the licensed software. What happened? It immediately downloaded the TSO package to my files and now can be transferred to my own SD card. Comical
  3. TSO Package on SD Card

    So...When I try to execute that file as an administrator or just open it it gives me an error. Thoughts?
  4. TSO Package on SD Card

    Yup....they don't transfer...they show up in files. I put them in audio and sequence files..but when tried to use show builder...they weren't there. All the others I downloaded worked fine. So...I'll try our other option tomorrow. Afraid to do it on the computer I just did all that work on.....would hate to see it go away.
  5. TSO Package on SD Card

    I downloaded 8 myself. So let me get this straight, what we're considering is running the executable file on a computer that doesn't have LOR software on it yet. The thought is, it will install the software and open up the songs and sequences. At that point, we try to email the files. However, still not sure whether or not it will let me. OR.....I just run the executable file on the licenses computer, and see if it blows out the license...and then just use my code again to re-install it and we know they will be there. (Or at least, think they will.) But yea, the MP3 files are there on the card...but each song...has 2 seq files...with a seq suffix. NO idea what the heck that is....and certainly not lms. Interesting...
  6. TSO Package on SD Card

    I think I'll try to run it first on the 2nd computer...see if that works. Otherwise, it's worth a try I doubt I'd ever use all 5 computers....so it seems worthwhile to me. And HOLY COW...you bought all those from the sequence store? That's gotta be $500. Yowza.
  7. TSO Package on SD Card

    You don't think you can just drop those files into the Sequence folder on LOR software? And drop the mp3 files in the audio files? Although I think I'll try your idea just to see if it works. That's an interesting thought!
  8. TSO Package on SD Card

    I'm not smart enough to edit them yet. Just started this "hobby" last week. I just want to take the existing songs in the TSO pkg, and then add the 10 others I bought and downloaded and create my own play list...so to speak. thanks again!!!
  9. TSO Package on SD Card

    That's what I was hoping. Thanks!!
  10. Speaker Question

    Wow...great idea.
  11. TSO Package on SD Card

    And you are correct....the TSO files came in SD card form. So, as silly as this sounds, seems like Viewing the files on the card...picking them up...and dropping them into the LOR files on my computer now should work fine. My original question, of course, was which ones do I transfer. I BELIEVE, the sequence files (.ins) would go into the sequence folder. The MP3 would go in the audio and I have no idea what the exe files would do. Hahah
  12. TSO Package on SD Card

    Exactly what I was thinking...but again, why can't I just "drop" the files that are running on the SD card, into the appropriate sequence and music files that are now running on my computer in the licensed version of Sequence Suite. And yes, I suppose, even if it does wipe out the activation, I still have 3 more....and I don't plan on ditching my computer anytime soon.
  13. TSO Package on SD Card

    I think the Simple Show Builder works....if all you're trying to do is put them together, order them, and write them to card. It really is a piece of cake. I'm just not sure about transferring the existing TSO ones from the card to the appropriate files.
  14. TSO Package on SD Card

    I'll try it when I get home. I do have the software activated now....so that's good to go. I wonder if they'll auto populate in the appropriate folder. The path with the software is User/Downloads/Documents/ then the LOR folders. (Sequences, audio, etc) you'd think you could just drag and drop.'
  15. TSO Package on SD Card

    Hey there. So, I want to transfer the sequences from the TSO Pkg on the SD card to the software, and then add them to a new "mix" disk, so to speak. When I viewed the files, it looked like there were executable files...among others. Which files do I need to transfer over to the Sequencing software? Do I need to transfer over mp3 files or are they already combined since these come RTG on the card. Thanks!