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  1. cdeanrn

    FloRita My House Lms Faces Pixel Tree Matrix

    Could I get a copy of this one, please? My teenagers would love it! email: cdeanrn@yahoo.com thanks Christina
  2. JR - Could you send me a copy of this one? I think my teenagers would love it! email: cdeanrn@yahoo.com Thanks so much! Christina
  3. James Could I please get a copy of this one? email: cdeanrn@yahoo.com Thanks Christina
  4. cdeanrn

    Now Sharing ~ Despecito for singing faces

    Could I get a copy please? Email: cdeanrn@yahoo.com Thanks - Christina
  5. cdeanrn

    Moana - How Far Will I Go

    Could you send me Moana - How Far will I go? Thank you so much! Christina cdeanrn@yahoo.com
  6. Could I get a copy? Thanks, cdeanrn@yahoo.com
  7. cdeanrn

    16 Channel Sequences?

    Hi James, Can you send me these sequences as well? My email is cdeanrn@yahoo.com. Thank you so much in advance! Christina
  8. cdeanrn

    Looking for This in my house by flo rida

    James, I would love a copy as well if you would not mind. cdeanrn@yahoo.com Thanks so much! Christina
  9. cdeanrn

    Whip Nae nae

    Could I get a copy? Please... cdeanrn@yahoo.com Thanks so much!!
  10. Hi James - Can I get a copy? We just purchased a 16 channel (newbies)...do you have any sequences you would mind to share for beginners with 16 channels? cdeanrn@yahoo.com Thanks Christina
  11. I’m a newbie too, bought my first CTB16PCg3 . I’d love some help with 16 channel sequencing, this can be a little overwhelming for a not so tech savy person. Thanks in advance for your help. cdeanrn@yahoo.com
  12. cdeanrn

    Happy by pharrell

    My kids would love this. If you'd be willing to share 1 more time I'd like a copy as well please. Thanks in advance. email: cdeanrn@yahoo.com Have a blessed day!