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  1. Hi all, I am looking for a compatable shingle clip for the new CCBs They are bigger than I had anticipated and the typical Walmart or Home Depot clips aren't sufficient to hold them... any thoughts or DIY ideas?? Thanks!!!
  2. Issue With Audio Delay Between SS and SE

    I will definitely give it a shot!! Thanks!!
  3. Issue With Audio Delay Between SS and SE

    Awesome!!!!!!! Thank you so much for your continued help!!!!!!!!
  4. Issue With Audio Delay Between SS and SE

    I am using the most current version. The issue is at 13 min mark. SS at 13min the kids say merry Christmas.. it's right after that.
  5. Issue With Audio Delay Between SS and SE

    I appreciate your reply but that's not the issue. If you listen to the audio Track in SE at 13:01 there is a bass drop. When you listen to the audio track in SS that same bass drop is at 13:03.
  6. Hi all, This is my first year using Super Star (SS) And for a long story short. I am using the same audio file in both SS and SE. I am doing all my RBG programming in SS and copy and pasting into SE. Over the course of the audio track there is about a 2 second difference between SS and SE. For example at 13:01 in SE I have my White Flood lights turn on because that's where the bass hits... but in SS that same sound is at 13:03. I am not sure where the "lag" happens but the track is the same at the start of both SS and SE. HELP please!!! Thanks!!!!!!!