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  1. Hi all, I am looking for a compatable shingle clip for the new CCBs They are bigger than I had anticipated and the typical Walmart or Home Depot clips aren't sufficient to hold them... any thoughts or DIY ideas?? Thanks!!!
  2. I will definitely give it a shot!! Thanks!!
  3. Awesome!!!!!!! Thank you so much for your continued help!!!!!!!!
  4. I am using the most current version. The issue is at 13 min mark. SS at 13min the kids say merry Christmas.. it's right after that.
  5. I appreciate your reply but that's not the issue. If you listen to the audio Track in SE at 13:01 there is a bass drop. When you listen to the audio track in SS that same bass drop is at 13:03.
  6. Hi all, This is my first year using Super Star (SS) And for a long story short. I am using the same audio file in both SS and SE. I am doing all my RBG programming in SS and copy and pasting into SE. Over the course of the audio track there is about a 2 second difference between SS and SE. For example at 13:01 in SE I have my White Flood lights turn on because that's where the bass hits... but in SS that same sound is at 13:03. I am not sure where the "lag" happens but the track is the same at the start of both SS and SE. HELP please!!! Thanks!!!!!!!