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  1. Brian that is amazing that you offer to help that way.. The version is 4.3.24.. Like I said im not sure whats up... I will email you as you said and maybe you could help me.. Is there any better time for you to do it? I will send email now to remind you and also so you have my contact info.. Thanks again Brian...
  2. Hello everyone, I am using SS in the demo mode to learn it before I buy the SS add on, it worked fine for a day or so but now, as I am working on a sequence, SS keeps crashing.. It seems to happen mostly when I use the pause or fast forward/reverse buttons. It happens other times also but I noticed it happens mostly at that time.. Is this because its Demo or? I have no issues with my Pro level Licensed versions of the sequence editor or Pixel Editor.. I want to purchase the SS add on but now I am gun shy to do so as it really keeps crashing and im not sure why? Any one else have thi
  3. Understood thanks Brian... I Like S4 so I’ll take your advice and stick with it for now..
  4. Brian thank you very much for your help your the best.. Right now im using the demo version of SS to learn it but I will be purchasing the SS add on soon for my mega tree programming, I have a pro level license but will get the SS add on soon.. And I will purchase sequences from your site when ready for sure.. Is S5 coming out before xmas you think? (I mean out of beta) and if so do you suggest using it? is it better or should I stick with S4? Thanks again Brian and hints or direction you could provide me to learn SS would be great.. Thanks Brian Breeze
  5. Yes makes sense.. That you for the clarification.. I just started learning Superstar to program the mega tree I just got 16 strands of 50 nodes.. Im just searching the forums trying to learn as much as I can.. Last year I used LOR pixel editor for all my RGB nodes and really like it, but everyone seems to say I need SS for a mega tree.. I wish I could mixed SS effects and pixel editor effects on the same prop in the same sequence, not sure if that's possible.. Anyway thank you so much again for your time and help..
  6. Hello, sorry for for the question but can you let me know the difference between a matrix prop and non matrix prop.. Im trying to understand all you guys are saying here but I need to know the differnce thanks you guys Breeze
  7. Hello everyone, I have a couple of questions about the SS sequencer as I am new to using it. I have a small LOR AC show 32 channels - I also have 4 E1.31 controllers that I use for my Smart RGB nodes, I use LOR Pixel Editor to sequence those and am very happy with it. This year I purchased another 16 channel E1.31 controller and 16 WS2811 RGB Node strings (Not Strips) to use with a Mega Tree id like to setup. My SS questions are; 1. In Pixel Editor I just sequence my RGB nodes and then save intensity file that opens up in my sequence editor to play the RGB nodes along with my AC
  8. Matt your the best... It seems to be working all correct now after converting to WAV from MP3.. Im going to try it a little more extensively thru tonight and I'll let ya know how it goes but for now it seems OK.. I'm going to convert all my MP3's to WAVs and hopefully that does it.. THANK YOU MY FRIEND SO MUCH...
  9. Matt thank you so very much for your help.. Making those changes did fix the scrolling of the wave form.. There does seem to be one other thing though, If I zoom in or out of the sequence to try and match timings better, any particular beat (Or vocal phrase) doesn't match up anymore? Meaning as an example, if a vocal phrase hits right on a timing mark with the waveform zoomed out to see the entire waveform, that vocal phrase will ALWAYS hit right on the same timing mark. But, If I zoom in or slide the sequence to the left to work on a different part of the song and play the song from the
  10. Hi Matt oh I hope you can help...I'm running it on Windows 7.. It seems like somethings wrong with the pixel editor. Everything works fine in sequence editor.. I read a thread where you answered someone that seemed to have the same type of issue and you said it was a preformence issue so, I installed on an i5 windows 7 computer with 16 gigs ram and the same issue is still happening.. I am so frustrated and cant figure out what is causing it.. Any suggestions at all would be great.. I upgraded to Pro for this feature and cant seem to use it.. Any ideas?
  11. Please help, I just upgraded to LOR Pro to use the pixel editor to use RGB in my show. I am able to get everything up and running and working as per the directions but, the waveform does not scroll to the left with the sequence playing? This means I have to play the sequence from the beginning of the song every time I want to try and time an effect on a prop to the song. Also if I zoom in or play a sequence from any point in the song the timing does not match up to the sequence anymore.. The timing only works if the entire sequence is showing and I start from the beginning. This is making it a
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