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  1. Hello Guys, I know its that time of year and this was my 1st time with everything. Ordered 2 LOR 16 controllers that arrived mid November and was up running December 4th. I took the advice here and am using non RGB light. But for next year I am going with Pixels. I am looking for a recommendation to work with someone to lay out my home and to recommend to proper controllers, number of pixels, etc. to insure that the controllers are located in optimal position to avoid power jumpers IF possible. Is there such a person or service available that can produce mock up diagrams from photos I can provide? Thanks Leo
  2. Thanks Alan. I will read those tutorials. I have been reading a lot of tutorials and I am going to apply the "KISS" method even though I am going with 32 Channels to begin. Not building any props just yet. I am going to get comfortable with the basics and I might use some snow flake lights or something just to get a feel for the system this year. Now next year its on. I just need to take my ideas from paper to the programming. Leo..
  3. OK. A little late to the 2017 Game but Ordered 2 Residential 16 Ouput Controllers and some Sequences. Will use with single color leds to get familiar this year. As I begin to sequence what are some tips from the experts here to set up the Sequence Editor and Visualizer? I have the S4 ProVersion and the SuperStar Upgrade. Regards Leo A. Spriggins
  4. Hello Alan and Don, Thanks for the reply's and help. I had to run the program manually and was able to register and get it up and running. Looking at the many tutorial videos and beginning to do my 1st sequence. My products were shipped today, Let the fun begin.
  5. I have ordered 16 Channel Starter Package and 16 Channel Add On Ready to Go Controllers. I went all in on the Software and went S4 Pro and SuperStar. Probably over kill for me but I wanted to have options and I like the Super Star Sequential because of the visualizer and some of the Sequence automation to beats of the music to help this NOVICE when I move into the Cosmic Color stuff. Can someone help me get past step 2 of Downloading the software. Pressed the button of the Light O website. Installed the LOR Installation Wizard.exe file but files are not downloading to get me to the Name and License Key. Called LOR but I guess they are working with the BIG Guys for the holidays. Any ideas? Thank You. Leo A. Spriggins
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