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  1. Peter 16

    CB100D HU Set Up

    High I am brand new at this. Can anybody show me what a CB100D DMX Controller looks like in channel configuration (Only 2 strings of lights)
  2. Peter 16

    Pixcon 16 No Idea!

    Hello Team So new, I haven't got a controller working as such. I have 3 items (LOR160xWg3 Controller) + (CB100D with Controller) + (Pixel Tree 16 Strips & 25 Pixels) purchased in that order 1. I can control the CCBs via the LOR160xWg3 controller using purchased sequences to a point, very limited as they are only a small part of the sequence set up. 2.I can see & test the tree using HU via USB485 into comm port 3 can't see it when networked into the LOR160xWg3 controller, should I? 3. In pixel editor what should the channel setup look like? Controller / the CCBs / the tree should the controller be there at all? Software is Pro, I am sure it is how I have my Controllers set up I am very sorry, I am like a dog at a bone, without a bone just can't get things going so desperate. Any help would be appreciated
  3. Hey Team I have LOR160xW g3 Controller running a Pixel tree kit and a set of CCB with a controller, I am running T-S O program through the MP3 slot. The program plays OK however only the first 5 lights on each set is working. I am new at this so I hope I have given you enough info.