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  1. Bruce Womack


    ok, let me show off my stupidity. what is a patch. yall keep talking about them.
  2. Bruce Womack


    I'm running windows 10. and I don't know what you mean by patches. auto updates is off. I'm on dish satal0ite so I don't let updates unless I need them. I have it set on metered connection.....I loaded everything on my new laptop and it id weird crap on it. it would play the first 2 songs then the 3rd song it would play it over and over non stop. I'm plagued with bad luck........ lol
  3. Bruce Womack


    is anyone else having an issue of their pc shutting down and restarting during shows? I have been having this problem since I upgraded to 4.3.26 anybody have any ideas?
  4. Bruce Womack

    Light show

    I want to run about 4 strings of lights with no music and no PC. I need to go as cheap as possible, this is for an elderly friend that has no PC. She just wants a few lights to dance back and forth. I'll do the programming for her then carry the unit to her house and set it up. Now the question, what control box do I need to get. I don't understand computer talk so lay out in plain redneck english. Lol Thanks
  5. Bruce Womack

    Windows 8

    Okay here goes. I have a dell windows XP running my light show. I bought a hp all in one desk top touch screen for my gunsmith business and starting to like it. thinking of replacing the XP. How would I move everything from xp to the windows 8.1?????? Does everything on xp work on 8.1????? Do I have to redo all my songs?????????????? Help
  6. Bruce Womack

    getting wave form error

    I B Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Bruce Womack

    getting wave form error

    Just to let all know, there will be Christmas at the Womack House this year. I do not know what I did, but I just kept deleting, deleting, and messing with it and now it all works GREAT. Thank You to all who tried to help, and which you did. THANK YOU ALL AND GOD BLESS YOU. From the Womack house.
  8. Bruce Womack

    getting wave form error

    Well I did that with audicity and still same oh, same oh. I went and deleted all of LOR and reinstalled and guess what, NO change...... so sad.......:( Don't know what is left except cancel my show for this year...
  9. Bruce Womack

    getting wave form error

    Mr. Bob, I did exactly like you said with windows update and it changed nothing. What do I do now?
  10. Bruce Womack

    getting wave form error

    I will b glad to if you tell me step by step on how to do it. I ain't the pc knowledgeable.
  11. Bruce Womack

    getting wave form error

    I have done this all along. I went back and tried a new one from audicity and it still does the same thing. I am lost on this one. Christmas will be here before I know it and I wont b ready.......
  12. Bruce Womack

    getting wave form error

    Thanks, I will try that. What do I do, delete this one and then download?
  13. Bruce Womack

    getting wave form error

    I have done a redown load 3 times and no luck.....
  14. Bruce Womack

    getting wave form error

    THis is a sequence I did myself, it does it on all my songs. I have about 17 done and it shows up on all of them then closes the system down completly. I installed the 2.9.4 v and that is when it started.
  15. Bruce Womack

    getting wave form error

    Getting Message," cannot set view wave form property" Automation error, the object invoked has disconnected from it's clients. Okay, does any one know what this is and how do I fix it.... all I do is open sequence editor and click on the view wave button and that is what happens. then the whole program shuts down.....Help.... Attached files