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  1. Brian It all worked out good and thank you doing a lot of experimenting with the superstar now. Thanks William
  2. I will try that tomorrow Brian I want to thank you for the help Its been a rough year for us me being diagnosed with cancer and then we just lost are well it puts a lot of a damper on our season I wasn't going to do anything but the grandkid's asked if grandpa was going to put his light how could I Say no it might not be as much but something will be up even with a yard full of mud. To you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving. William Turnwald
  3. Ok I go into the config and change to regular in sequence how would I change all unit after that I guess I,m to dense to figure this out but I do appreciate the help.
  4. The config Aux Unit 11 AUX A I went into hardware config and my pixie is set to unit 11
  5. Hello I'm new at putting up a ribbon tree 16 channel Lor pixie16 I,m running S4 with having some health issues and having to put a new well in (yard is a mess full of mud) I haven't much time to really learn anything. So I thought I would buy a sequence for the ribbon tree but have yet to get it to work sometimes half will work but know nothing works. I reached out to were I got it but never heard anything back and that was a month ago would really like to put this in my scaled down light display but running out of time. Thanks William
  6. Going to keep as a kit thanks
  7. I have brand new setup never used just opened the box and took a look also a four arch setup for holiday coro that also going to sell I'm way over my head and with recent health issues I don't have the time or strength to mess with learning to set this up. I'll take offers and see if there is really interest. Thanks Wm Dave
  8. Brand new to the obsession 16 channel would love some 16 channel stuff. jd420214@yahoo.com Thanks William
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