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  1. I've tried sequencing both of these myself. They look ok. Would love to have copies of either/both to use to compare to mine. Thanks in advance. mlwrx@yahoo.com
  2. Would love a copy of this if I would be able to use it with my standard 16 channel controller (8 channels dedicated to a holiday coro singing christmas tree). mlwrx@yahoo.com
  3. Hello all, I recently made a post asking some general LOR questions. I wanted to make a follow-up post because I couldn't really find an answer using the search function. Since i'm just getting into LOR, I am starting VERY small this year and only going to use LOR for a Holiday Coro Singing Christmas Tree (1 tree) (http://www.holidaycoro.com/Singing-Christmas-Trees-p/100.htm). On the website, it lists all of the lights needed for 1 tree. My question is, a lot of the requirements are for really odd numbers of lights. How exactly do I do create a strand of 82 lights? Would I just buy a strand of 100 and just bundle 18 of the lights behind the display? Thanks.
  4. Hello all! First of all, let me thank everyone here for seeming so friendly! I've been stalking the forums for a bit and am happy to see how positive and helpful everyone is. I have a few general questions that I would like to ask in preparation for this season. Let me first state that I have not yet purchased any LOR items, but would like to do so in the near future (Showtime Starter Pack). The eventual plan would be to add more complex items (RGB, etc) in the future. Right now,the plan would be to just do mainly static lights with a few props that work with music (small trees and maybe a small face). 1. I noticed that everyone talks about a summer sale for LOR. How much are items typically discounted during this time? I'm way late to the game this year, but would consider going ahead and buying the Showtime Starter Pack if the price isn't typically dropped too much during the summer sale. 2. Do any other sales typically occurr prior to the christmas season? 3. Seeing as how I just purchased a house, I will need to buy a bunch of Christmas lights this year (whether it be for static purposes or for LOR purposes). I saw in a forum post that most people use big box store lights without problem. If I were to decide to just do static lights this year, with the hope of buying the starter pack and integrating LOR next year, are there any particular type of Christmas lights that I should avoid (i don't want to buy lights just to have them not integrate into the LOR system)? Are there any particular lights/other things that I should look to buy when I find a good deal? 4. Is the Showtime Started Pack either w/ or w/o the sequences a good deal? Would I be better off purchasing just the Residential Series 16 Channel Starter Package since I have a PC and can just buy a few simple sequences off of the store/find them on the forums? It's approximately $300 cheaper. Thanks for your time!
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