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    building with my hands what ever that may be huge car guy and love building hot rods union carpenter for 10 years before scoring a city job love my career family and most important are lord
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  1. what are you selling them for per box 100 count ? as well how much for the fm transmitter thanks
  2. can I please get a copy whenever you get a chance thanks james!!!!! Landonwebster123@gmail.com
  3. can I get a copy james thank you and god bles landonwebster123@gmail.com
  4. ill take a copy when ever you get a chance to send it god bless and thank you landonwebster123@gmail.com
  5. yea you did a couple weeks back this and the greatest showman memory loss lol I think you are just so busy and helpful to every one that you loose track but onces again JR god bless you for all your hard work and help
  6. been off the forum for a couple weeks due to work and all the snow we been getting but I wanna say big thanks!!!!!!!!JR for sharing this with me and taking the time to match it with my santa face I cant thank you enough for all the things you have helped me with
  7. I think your miss understanding what paul and jr an santas helper, are saying I respect each man/women here as family and a good friend even though I have never met them face to face we all help one another but nobody is gonna give you a hand out on here its not being mean but people do not understand the time these guys take to create not only their own show/display but to help their people on top of it that ask 11 months is what they have to get what they wanna get done and some of these people use every single day not only to do one display but I know of many on here that do more than one holiday 4th of july,halloween,christmas just to name a few so their preety busy. with that being said you half to try if you don't try you never will learn I'm on my second year and have a learned more bye trying than just asking people to do it for me by reading the forum and asking people how to do things I have shared some of my work with people that have shared theirs with me and that's how it works we all are one big family we learn from one another and create with one another all I can say is read try and you will eventruly have some knowledge to get done what you wanna do if you have a problem just ask somebody on here they will point you in the right direction create a friendships first don't come in acting like anybody ows you anything we all started wear your at but we all tried and thats why you have guys like jr,james,paul above and santas helper as well master it because they tried best of luck god bless!!!
  8. welcome mandy we are glad to have you and cant wait to see your show I'm on my second year 16 channels and I can tell you it is very addictive you will find that this fourm is very helpful to you anything you need help with I have found out has either been done or some one is working on it at the moment so just ask if you need anything a lot of good hearted people here sharing the same passion willing to lend a hand any way they can!!!!!
  9. never heard of it ill half to check it out
  10. wow!!!!! pat your self on the back that is one HELL OF A SHOW!!!!
  11. that was awesome!!!!!!!!!! nice work
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