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  1. Converting to an .WMV worked. Thanks for the advice.
  2. Thanks Alan. I will give that a try and let you know how it goes?
  3. I have tried to import several clips into the S5 Effects generator with no success. I always get a message saying "unable to read frames from this file." Can anyone help guide me through getting a avi video file into light o rama? THANKS!
  4. Checks out in the verifier. Unit ID is correct and all lights can be controlled using the HU.
  5. I have 4-LOR160xW Controllers in my design. I am having an issue with one of the controllers that will either leave lights off when the show file is telling it to turn on or leave channels on when they are supposed to be off. The controller is controlling White LED strands. I have 4 songs in my show and all channels will fire at some point during the 4 songs, but this controller does not consistently behave with what the show file is telling it to do. Again this only happens on one of the controllers (the second one in the Ethernet chain of the four). I am using Light-O-Rama software 5.0.16. Thanks
  6. Also strangely enough. If I open a new project and populate the fields that are being x'd out. I will have access to those files when I open them again. However if I don't populate it will deny access on the second try.
  7. I am looking to use Motion effects on 2 or 3 lines. Enabling channel level gets messy. Plus I have never worked in it. I added these props tonight. Used them in on file fine. When I went to open up another file and append items to view it came up like this.
  8. Im using S5 Sequencer Pro. I have a full license, but only entered it when I first loaded V4. V5 has not asked for it.
  9. I can't edit my props because when I open the program the props were fenced out. Had Xs in the timeline and will not let me edit. HELP!
  10. We are using Light O Rama to control Holiday lights for a portion of a major live television broadcast. The music, the light show is orchestrated to will be controlled away from lighting control. I am looking for a way to be able to smoothly launch a secondary cue in an attempt to sync the lights with the music in an event that the initial launch was premature or late. Is there anyway I could do this with the Light O Rama software or a third party software in tandem?
  11. Is there a way to start the show manually without using the clock? i.e. I want to push a button to start the show and if I choose push another button to advance to the next play file. Similar to how I would launch cues on a lighting console.
  12. I built a new prop in PE but can't seem to get it to show up on my timeline. I am using Version 5. Thanks John
  13. How do I download the beta for Version 5? Is Pixel Editor more fleshed out in V5? I am dreaming of the spacebar short cut to start and stop. And for a frame by frame playback. Please tell me it is only a download away.
  14. I am looking to use Lumineo LED Cluster light set -768 bulbs as part of a large lighting display. Is there an LOR device that would allow me to control the built in effects this light has? http://LED Cluster Light Set - 768 Bulbs - Black Cord - Cool White Thanks!
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