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  1. Ok found it. I can’t get past steps 4-5. When I refresh it says found 0 units
  2. Also if it helps, I cannot chance the unit ID. It also says unable to locate.
  3. This is the first 2 that come up. The rest do not pertain to what we are talking about as far as I can tell. I went through these 2 pages and there wasn’t any specific help there. I found a troubleshooting page on LOR and it had me reboot reinstall restart and all the other re’s but non of that helped. cluld you be a little specific about where this information may be that you guarantee can fix it? Thanks
  4. Got up this morning and I think I did all I could find. I reinstalled the driver. Restarted computer. Tried both rj45 ports. Again 16 channel LOR connects fine. Just new pixie4 won’t connect. should I open a help desk ticket?
  5. Should the lights come on when I press the reset/test button? If so, they are not.
  6. Hooked up my new pixie 4 controller to my PC. Hooked up 16 channel controller and computer saw it. Disconnected and hooked up pixie 4. Computer can’t find it and light flashing red on controller. Am I missing something?
  7. Perfect thanks. Where do I get the wire? Went to Home Depot and guy said they didn’t have anything.
  8. How do I get power to the pixie 4 controller with the 2 prong setup? Is there an adapter? I have a 350w power supply but no purchase gave me what I need. I have been looking for a week and can’t find any information on this. Maybe it’s common knowledge to seasoned vets but not this newbie. Thanks.
  9. This is what I want to create as well. I have already bought the stuff. Just need to put it together. Last thing I needed to do was by the pixel controller, power supply, and enclosure. Any ideas on the power supply or enclosure?
  10. I assumed the arches would have 8 “sections” each to get a wide range of movement. Would this mean I would need a Pixie 16?
  11. Thanks for the tip. I will look into those. Unfortunately my front yard is very small so two arches is about all I can squeeze in. What do you suggest as far as power supply, enclosure, and cabling?
  12. At this point I only want to add the arches. So the CTB16 isn't necessary?
  13. All I am add are the 2 arches with smart RGB strips
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