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  1. kbolin10

    Adding pixel arches to existing LOR

    This is what I want to create as well. I have already bought the stuff. Just need to put it together. Last thing I needed to do was by the pixel controller, power supply, and enclosure. Any ideas on the power supply or enclosure?
  2. kbolin10

    Adding pixel arches to existing LOR

    I assumed the arches would have 8 “sections” each to get a wide range of movement. Would this mean I would need a Pixie 16?
  3. kbolin10

    Adding pixel arches to existing LOR

    Thanks for the tip. I will look into those. Unfortunately my front yard is very small so two arches is about all I can squeeze in. What do you suggest as far as power supply, enclosure, and cabling?
  4. kbolin10

    Adding pixel arches to existing LOR

    At this point I only want to add the arches. So the CTB16 isn't necessary?
  5. kbolin10

    Adding pixel arches to existing LOR

    All I am add are the 2 arches with smart RGB strips
  6. kbolin10

    Adding pixel arches to existing LOR

    So then what I'm hearing is I need a pixel controller (probably will go with the Pixie 16) AND another main controller. Is that right? I will also upgrade to the PRO version of the software.
  7. kbolin10

    Adding pixel arches to existing LOR

    Ok profile filled out. I hope that helps. The below link shows the lights I was thinking about getting. I would cut the strip in half and make 2 arches. I have 1 controller currently. What else would I need? http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/5m-DC12V-60leds-m-20pcs-ws2811-ic-meter-20pixels-led-digital-strip-IP68-waterproof-in-silicon/701799_1921783413.html
  8. kbolin10

    Adding pixel arches to existing LOR

    Sorry I guess I should give more detail. I will be using 1 strip of smart pixel lights per arch for a total of 16 smart pixel channels needed. Do I need the smart pixel controller and another regular LOR controller or just the pixel controller?
  9. I have a question I just can’t seem to get a simple answer to. i currently have a 16 channel LOR starter package. I want to add 2 arches that will be 8 channels each. Do I need another LOR controller AND the pixel controller or just the pixel controller? thank you, Kevin
  10. kbolin10

    HOA said NO to my sign

    Yeah there is always a scrooge.
  11. kbolin10

    HOA said NO to my sign

    Thank you for the advice and I promise not to hold you responsible for any outcome :). I was thinking about just contesting it long enough to get through the season then take it down anyways. I did go get the materials for my new sign so that should buy me some time in case they don't like the new one either.
  12. kbolin10

    HOA said NO to my sign

    It does say the lot but not sure how that is to be interpreted for the house. I think I can decorate it up some and consider it a decoration.
  13. kbolin10

    HOA said NO to my sign

    Has anyone had issues with their HOA in having a sign saying what radio frequency to go to for the music? My HOA sent a letter saying no signs were allowed in the yard. Are their any ideas on how I can tell people which station to listen? I was thinking about just putting a giant pegboard above my garage. That wouldn't be in the yard and it also would be much bigger than my sign and fell like it would stick it to em a bit. Any suggestions? Thanks, Kevin
  14. New this year as well but have made about a dozen sequences so far. Email if you want to use/trade. kbolin10@live.com
  15. kbolin10

    Best lights to wrap trees

    Hey guys, This is my first year to use LOR and I want to upgrade my lights that I wrap around two front trees and two christmas tree-like bushes (not sure what they are called). Anyways, I usually use cheap after christmas sale incandescent mini lights (multi-color), but want to use something different. I was thinking about using one color for each tree/bush and using LEDs. My question is which LEDs to use. Do I use wide angle? Regular minis? Fairy strings? i'm looking for the lights to highlight the shape of the trees/bushes and be bright when they move with the music. Any help is appreciated. Kevin