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  1. keiheric

    The Greatest Show Lms Faces

    Could I get a copy? keith.yates@tds.net Thanks!
  2. I'd love a copy! keith.yates@tds.net
  3. keiheric

    carol of the bells Lindsey Sterling

    Can I get a copy? Thanks! keith.yates@tds.net
  4. keiheric

    Moana - How Far Will I Go

    I would appreciate How Far Will I Go and Shiny. keith.yates@tds.net
  5. keith.yates@tds.net Please and thank you!
  6. I like to have one song that isn't holiday related. Most of the time, the song I select will be fairly well-known via pop culture, and will often have dark humor in the underlying theme. This past Christmas, I programmed "Easy Street" by the Collapsible Heart Club. On the surface, the song is cheerful and uplifting. For any fans of The Walking Dead, they would recognize the tune as the song they used to psychologically torture one of the main characters in the show. Yeah - my sense of humor is a bit messed up. For Halloween this year, I've added the Baby Shark song - loved by toddlers and HATED by their parents.
  7. I figured my issue out - the lights cannot be frosted or they are easily seen. On the left, I have mini LEDs. On the right, I have frosted incandescents. The LED are much better at hiding the non-lit areas. Hope this may help others.
  8. Hi all, I have made my own pumpkin singing face, and it looks pretty good. However, when one mouth movement is on, the light reflects onto the other lights that are off, and are clearly visible. What recommendations would any of you have to help alleviate the problem? I have tried lowering the intensity of the lights - it has not helped. The lights were inserted into holes on a coro board painted flat black (krlyon plastic). I am using incandescent lights - would LED be any better? The lights are also frosted. Could this be a contributor?
  9. Can I get a copy to annoy entertain the neighbors? Thanks! keith.yates@tds.net
  10. Could I get a copy, too? Thanks! keith.yates@tds.net
  11. I would love This is Halloween and Ghostbusters! Thanks! keith.yates@tds.net
  12. Would appreciate a copy! Thanks! keith.yates@tds.net
  13. Would love a copy. Thanks! keith.yates@tds.net
  14. keiheric

    Thriller faces and Pixel

    I would love s copy! keith.yates@tds.net Thanks!
  15. Can i get a copy? keith.yates@tds.net Thanks!