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  1. Hello Everyone! I hope your displays are out and in full effect! I will be having my first show in 2018 and have been researching, gathering lights, and building props in preparation for my first show next year. I am trying to do all of the leg work and not rush into things. With that being said, my question is: Would anyone of you be willing to assist me in learning the LOR Software next year? To learn the basics? I'm tech savvy, but I know I will need assistance in some areas. You all have been truly helpful in all questions I ask and I'm so grateful for all of you
  2. Thank you Santa's Helper! This information was very helpful. You said you use SPT 1. Do you have any issues sending power to your lights?
  3. Thanks all! You're all truly so kind, helpful, and patient with me as I have many questions in preparation for my first show next year! Again, thank you!
  4. Hello All, I will be making all of my own extension cords for my first show in 2018. I notice there are two different kinds of SPT wire. For those that use this merhod, which kind do you use? What's the main difference? As always, it's truly appreciated! - H3RRS
  5. Thank you everybody for all of the input! This has answered my question. You're all the best! -H3RRS
  6. Thank you! How many feet are legal? I am unaware of this and want to follow it to point.
  7. Hello Everyone, I'm looking for a decent price FM Transmitter that will relay 700 - 1200 feet. Any help would be truly appreciated! Thank you all! -H3RRS
  8. Can you clarify about the 3 A? Is this a common fuse or not so common and how many strands can I use per channel via 3 A? I have to check my lights to confirm what fuse.
  9. You're the best! Thank you so much! -H3RRS
  10. Hi Mr. P, Yes, I will be purchasing the CTB16PC controllers. I'm using almost all LED's. I'm having a brain fart with my math, that's why I wanted to post and hear from the community to ensure I don't blow anything out. You're saying it's safe to say 10 light strands per channel will be safe for all 16 channels, if I were to add that many? (That's highly unlikely though). -H3RRS
  11. Hello Everyone, Does anybody know how many strands of 100 count LED's can be connected per channel? I'm looking into 2 100 count LED light strands per channel wrapped together for my mega tree. Would this be okay for all 16 channels per controller? My first show will be next year, but trying to do all of my homework now. Thank you! -H3RRS
  12. You're exactly right. The pole pin sounds like the right way to go along with the base, pulley head, hook head, and the winch! Thank you and thank you Chet as well!
  13. This sounds excellent. I saw the base, but they used PVC pipe for the legs. The pipe sounds like it will be much better. Thank you so much! -H3RRS
  14. So, it slides inside one pipe and you slide the other right over it and it automatically locks into place?
  15. This looks great, and looks like it will withstand the winter weather I get here. How does the pin work? Is it a sleeve? Do I need to drill a hole in the pipe? All information will be truly appreciated! Thank you and Kind Regards, -H3RRS
  16. I just bought 2 10' 1 1/4 sections of pipe and I will also be using a coupling to attach both of them. I will be using guy wire on top and in the middle. Thanks for your reply! -H3RRS
  17. Hi All, I just wanted to say thank you to all who contributed to this post, explaining how you build your mega tree. As I stated earlier, my first show will be the 2018 season, but I am trying to get all of my information together now. I am happy to say with all of your feedback, I have chosen a design for my mega tree. I will be using 2 10' 1 1/4 threaded steel poles to make my 20' tree. I will then be using the pulley head, winch system, and hook head from ChristmasLightShow and using PVC piping for the base. Again, thank you very much for all of your help and assistance!
  18. Hello All, I have signed up for email alerts from LOR a while back. I want to make sure I get all emails from LOR, but I don't want them to go into my junk folder by accident. So, I would like to put their email in my contacts list so I get it nice and easily. (The email address for Sales, etc.) Can any of you please post the email, it would be truly appreciated! Kind Regards, -H3RRS
  19. My only issue at the moment is finding the correct pipe, and ensuring it's threaded. (To screw the pipe together and screw the pully head on top.) Can you lend me a hand and tell me exactly what pipe to get from Lowes or Home Depot ? Not the best when it comes this, my apologies. Kind Regards, -H3RRS
  20. Hi All, Do any of you use a telescoping flagpole for your mega trees? How do they work? Kind Regards, -H3RRS
  21. Hello All, I am doing my research for my first season, (2018). Can you please explain the main differences between both the "Residential" and "Pro" series controllers? I will be purchasing all of my software and hardware from LOR, so I am just trying to gather all of the information, before I go ahead and make my purchase. All help and assistance is truly appreciated! Kind Regards, -H3RRS
  22. Little_B, Thank you so much, this is exactly what I was looking for. I sent you PM. Regards, -H3RRS
  23. Hello All! I'm starting to purchase christmas lights for my first season (2018). I have recently purchased 8,000 Holiday Time christmas lights from Wal-Mart. Does anybody use this brand? How are they? Thanks! -H3RRS
  24. Pixels seem a bit too much, as 2018 will be my first show. Although, I plan to add pixels to my 2019 show. So, all information will be helpful, as I will save it for later usage! I do need to familiarize myself, so any help is truly appreciative! Thank you! -H3RRS
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