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  1. Buying Premade sequences from LOR

    I hate to be the one to tell you this, but I don't think LOR allows transfer of software licenses. Which is likely the reason why you didn't get a product key from the seller. You need to have a licensed copy of the software before you can use it to control lights. The free demo version (which you can download directly from LOR's website) will allow you to do sequencing and even save created sequences but that's about it. Sounds to me like you'll need to address the product key with LOR, not the seller. (The seller is either ignorant or maybe you got scammed a bit.) Regardless of that, I've been a LOR user since 2008 and one of the things I've ALWAYS found to be true is that if you want their products to work correctly, follow their instructions. They usually know best when it comes to their own products, and they have reasons, usually very good ones, why they say to do things in a specific order. Good luck.
  2. Running multiple networks?

    My guess is that LOR wants to err on the side of caution and remove every item they possibly can from the help desk inventory of issues that they need to deal with. I've also been using powered USB hubs for years starting when my network count first exceeded the number of available ports on the PC. I've moved from a four port hub up to an eight and now a ten, and have never had any issues whatsoever with their use.
  3. Hiding CTB16PC control box.

    You have somewhat of a point. I do attach mine to the inside of our chain link fence rather than the outside. But I'd be more concerned that your bad apple would be more apt to snatch copper than he/she would be interested in a control box that takes 19 connections to remove. Plus freeing it from whatever restraints physically attach it to it's environment. I don't see a casual thief taking that much time out in plain sight. I do believe, however, that such a person would likely be more interested in whatever they think is so valuable that someone took the time and effort to conceal. Just another reason why I leave my controllers laying around in plain sight wherever they're used. What kind of fool would leave something valuable just laying there in plain sight??? Me either Jim, and we've both been around a long time in this hobby. But I HAVE heard of thieves helping themselves to an easy haul of copper.
  4. New and Need help please

    4 channels per arch is almost impossible to sequence and look good. How many ways can you count to 4 before it gets boring? I agree with Daniel - 7 or 8 channels per arch. (I prefer 7 because it actually allows more effects than having 8. Plus, the same effects look better with 7 channels compared to 8 channels.)
  5. Hiding CTB16PC control box.

    I leave mine gray. (Or whatever other color they might be.) When it gets dark they can't be seen. I leave all of my controllers totally uncovered. Every one of them is in a weather proof enclosure. If people pay attention to your controllers (or even notice them) while the lights are running you don't have a controller problem. You have a sequencing problem. And hiding your controllers will have no effect on that.
  6. Continuous or Not?

    My playlists loop continuously all evening. I have different length playlists to enable me to keep traffic from backing up too far. I also have different playlists for early (mostly Christmas stuff) and late (mostly non-Christmas stuff). I always have the transmitter going, and I have an outdoor speaker that I use almost every night. But when it gets down to single digits temperature (or lower) we don't see very many people out of their vehicles for very long.
  7. Pixie 8 V-2 limit of pixels per port

    Good to hear! Merry Christmas.
  8. Pixie 8 V-2 limit of pixels per port

    When you set up the Pixie8 in the Hardware Utility, did you choose 50 pixels per output or did you choose 100 pixels per output?
  9. Who is ready to laugh at me

    Okay, fine - I'll break the ice. Ha Ha, Ha Ha, Ha Ha, Ha Ha, Ha Ha, Ha Ha, Ha Ha, Ha Ha, Ha Ha, Ha Ha, Ha Ha, Ha Ha, Ha Ha! Definitely in the running for Dolt of the Week! Ha! Maybe even Dolt of the Month. (Although before you get your hopes up for that one keep in mind this is setup month, so the competition will be fierce.) Ha Ha, Ha Ha, Ha Ha, Ha Ha, Ha Ha, Ha Ha, Ha Ha, Ha Ha, Ha Ha, Ha Ha!

    The Unit ID is set in the Hardware Utility. Begin with making sure that the HU is the only LOR program open. Connect the USB485 adapter to the PC and connect only the second Pixie16 to that. Then press the refresh button. The refresh should return one unit found, #01 Then press the config button, then push the Cosmic Color/Pixie button. You'll see where the Unit ID# is set to 01. You need to change that to 11. Then follow the prompts out of that screen. Press the refresh button again and it should return a value of 11. If it does, you're good to go.
  11. Amazon Download Issue?

    Is the file mp3? If yes, have you converted it to a constant bit rate (CBR)? If no, download Audacity (with the LAME converter) and once you convert it to CBR you should be good. LOR likes 128Kbps.
  12. Back again!

    When I got my EDM back in 2008 they very specifically said it couldn't be put outdoors if the temperature goes below freezing. They were very emphatic, especially when I told them it routinely goes below zero around here. They said the LCD display would fail if it froze.
  13. Back again!

    The CZH-05B (or equivalent) equipped with the rubber ducky antenna (which is the only way I think it should be purchased) will require a CG1000 enclosure, into which the transmitter fits almost perfectly.
  14. Well. this will be my best song of the year.

    Looks good!
  15. Controllers at the prop locations

    This is another topic that people seem to enjoy over-thinking. Every LOR AC controller I have (currently >55) is housed in either a LOR enclosure or a Cable Guard enclosure. There has been only three times since 2008 that ANY of them has gotten water/snow/ice inside the enclosure. All three of those times - all three - were because I left the door open. I've mounted controllers on anything I could find, at varying distances from the ground. I've even set them directly on the ground in many locations. I've never used any other container or bag to cover them. But the one thing I've ALWAYS done is to keep the enclosure upright. With zero failures, I'd say that's a pretty darn simple and foolproof method.