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  1. going dark is so different...

    We were dark in 2017. While it was the right decision, it wasn't at all by choice. It tortured me for 2 months looking out a window and seeing an empty yard, and then looking out at night during lighting season and seeing dark. It wasn't until the middle of December that I came to realize it wasn't the worst thing not having to tend to everything every night. Now when I look outside, it's a relief not seeing a display waiting to be torn down in March or April when it thaws. For me, being dark could turn into a slippery slope. Especially since I have no props to build this year and no songs to sequence because none of my new things got used in 2017. Still a long time between now and September, but I can't help but notice that little voice inside that wonders...
  2. Holiday Coro Waterproof connectors and CC B/P/R's?

    I've also gone through every smart and dumb controller along with every prop and changed out all pigtails to match a single style from a single vendor. In my case I use a 4-pin connector from DIY LED Express. I use 4-pin because that covers any/every type of pixel and also dumb RGB. Their pigtails come from the same supplier every year, and haven't changed in any way for all the years I've been buying them. If extension cables get mixed, for example theirs and LOR's 4-pin 10w floodlights are the same size, it makes no difference since the extension is nothing but a straight pass-through anyway. I solder all my own pigtails and order my nodes/pixels without any. If I wind up receiving product that has them already attached, it only takes 2 seconds to cut the ends off and two more seconds to pitch those ends into the trash. My only regret is not having standardized my pigtails years sooner.
  3. Where are my Audio files?

    Open a sequence in the SE and go to EDIT > SEQUENCE INFO and that should tell you where that particular audio file is located. Unless you've moved them elsewhere, that's where all your audio files should be. As for MP3 Gain, I prefer 93dB. Given the particular settings on my PC and FM transmitter that's where I get the cleanest sound. Your setup might be different. Generally speaking, a little too low is usually a better option than a little too high when it comes to broadcast sound quality. If someone sitting in their car wants it louder, let them use their radio's loudness control.
  4. Vocal vs. Instrumental?

    Thanks for the kind words Chet. And you're absolutely right. I've never had a singing face, tree, duck, pumpkin, bulb or anything else and never will. There's nothing at all novel or unique about those. (Okay - maybe the duck would be, but I digress.) Same goes for pixel billboards in the display and/or 8-bit cartoons scrolling around a mega tree. Just not my cup of tea. To each their own. Yet every single sequence I've ever done (except for the street-sweeper Soldier's Silent Night) is dead on with the beat. That's 99% due to LOR and their Beat Wizard tool.
  5. Sequence U - 2018 Class Schedule

    Yes, although I sometimes don't remember to start recording a class until someone reminds me or I see a note on one of my desktop screens. I post the recordings to a private directory on YouTube and all attendees receive passwords to access the recordings, which are ordinarily available for a year or more. Plus, I'm as close as PM, email, or telephone for any questions or further clarification.
  6. FREE Sequence U Class - Using Master Track Sequence Structure

    I agree 100% - despite the fact I've encountered nothing but highly skilled and dedicated nurses, I also hate being sent to telemetry. Almost as much as I hate going to the CCU. The train wreck phase is past, or mostly past anyway. Thanks for asking. Normal, however, is something that people who know me might argue I haven't been for decades, if ever... I can relate all too well about needing things to keep my brain busy. I'm finding, even with dedication, that there's just so many hours each day that one can devote to being an internet troll before it starts becoming too repetitive. Looking into corners and under rocks for tips and time-saving tricks in the Sequence Editor is something I cover in many different classes. I'm a big believer in knowing what tools are in the toolbox. If you haven't already seen it, here's a link that goes into a bit more detail what the main topics for each class are. If you have questions, drop me a PM or an email. http://www.clearwaterlights.org/2018_SU_gen_info.html
  7. Vocal vs. Instrumental?

    For me, the VU effect strikes the perfect balance. With the number of channels I run, the amount of work I put into any given sequence is a non-issue - it's always going to be a long time, and an extra hour now and then is essentially meaningless I'm embarrassed by how little I know about music. Terms like "measure" have no meaning to me beyond how much of each ingredient goes into a cookie recipe. And about all I remember from music class in high school is the definition of what's a palindrome. (Music teacher's last name was Reber.) Oh, and how aloof lovely Brenda with those long legs in the front row was... *sigh* I'm simply not coordinated enough, or have reflexes fast enough to derive anything meaningful from the Tapper. The VU Wizard works faster and better than I ever can. The only caveat is that the VU Wiz doesn't discriminate between vocals and music - it's only interested in loudness. That means I need to go through the song at 1/4 or 1/2 speed and clean it up by manually eliminating non-vocal responses. I find that to be a perfectly acceptable amount of time/work in those cases where I can't just ignore the vocals.
  8. FREE Sequence U Class - Using Master Track Sequence Structure

    Change in plans. There WILL NOT be an encore performance of the Master Track Sequence class this Thursday. Check out the video from last week and post here or PM me with any questions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3gPbPRrESs
  9. Rather than trying to hack something to work with LOR controllers, why not just get items designed for exactly what you're trying to achieve? LOR sells an excellent DC controller and some excellent 10W RB floods. http://www1.lightorama.com/rgb-starter-package/
  10. Vocal vs. Instrumental?

    Poles are basically arches that are straight and vertical. 9-segment means each pole has 9 channels. In my case, each channel is a 70-ct string of M5 warm white LEDs. The VU Meter effect is achieved by using the VU Wizard in the Sequence Editor. I also use it on other vertical props. In the video below, I use it for David Gilmour's vocals. If you're not a Pink Floyd fan, zip ahead to the 1:45 mark and you'll see how it looks. I also use it for the guitar solo beginning at 2:50. The vocals are the more traditional bottom-up appearance, while the guitar solo is reversed to top-down.
  11. strobe light strings?

    If I recall correctly, $16.99 is the same price as last year. It's not a pre-season savings - it's more along the lines of making sure you get some. There was quite a bit of chatter in the FB group last year from people who got them and Darren sold out in a flash. (Pun intended.) I'm very much looking forward to getting them. I've got a couple places where I'll be using them and I can hardly wait to see how they look in white artificial trees.
  12. strobe light strings?

    The strings for $11.97 are 25-light strings. The strings for $16.99 are 50 lights. I went with the 50-light strings from Christmas Light Emporium.
  13. Vocal vs. Instrumental?

    I prefer instrumentals specifically so I don't have to fart around trying to work with vocals. Having said that, about 75% of my playlist is instrumentals and 25% has vocals. For the most part, I tend to ignore the vocals where I can. I have no singing ________ and have zero desire to add any. I have 9-segment poles in my display and use those as VU meters to do vocals wherever possible.
  14. strobe light strings?

    A lady from Texas, whose judgement I trust, has these and says they look like mini xenon strobes when they fire and the effect is striking - even from a distance. Her advice is essentially: Buy! Buy! Buy!
  15. HEADLIGHTS !! voice file

    Really, making your own announcement is probably not beyond your abilities. Audacity is free and contains more than you'll ever need for this hobby. Basically, you just need to speak clearly. Here's an intro I did a few years back. I recorded it in my normal voice at a normal conversation speed. Then I sped it up a bit and raised the pitch a bit. Just make sure when you finish it's understandable.