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  1. Sorry it didn't appear to come out correctly listing the price. I'm not sure why. $300.00 even and I will take care of shipping cost to lower 48. Yes it comes completely assembled with the pigtails that LOR provided.
  2. New in box, 12 volt LOR (Light-O-Rama) Pixie16 Assembled Smart Pixel controller with dongles. Shipping included to lower 48. Paid 329.95 plus 28.33 shipping but went with another manufacturer of controllers as my primary pixel controller.
  3. Yea, I am going to test the wi fi side of that tonight when just running a test sequence to each panel. Nothing further at the moment.
  4. At the immediate hour, I would test that thought out as well as I am only testing the 100 panels I just got in one at a time. I need to make sure they all at least work before I confirm payment with Ray. I just need to see a test pattern ran on each and every individual panel. I may test the wifi capabilities of the pi using that process.
  5. Yea, got my order yesterday. More to start building on.
  6. Cool, I will check that out and see what is necessary. I doubt I have a camera or mic so will have to figure that part out. I just have a laptop. It may have both. I know at the top, there is a small hole that I believe is a camera. Today was the first time I heard of that interface. Glad you happened to be on today.
  7. Oh ok, did not think about using converters too. Man, that seems like you add in the possibility of headache when something is not working right, trying to figure out which component is the issue. Would be nice to keep straight runs where possible. I guess there is always that small possibility that everything will always work exactly as expected for as long as you need it to....
  8. Wow, just wow, where are you going to put that huge one. It appears to be 9-10 feet wide. Amazing though. You have got some serious amounts of p10's in your arsenal. Man so many questions. What is the black material between panels, steel? aluminum, coro? what is the white outer layer? I can tell it is aluminum but what did it start as? fascia material from a hardware store, pre cut straight sheet or a roll? Any issues with glare off the plexi? How close to the panel is the plexi?
  9. Oh, I think you already answered. Using the RJ45 ethernet connection off the PI as an output. I assume you are using the wifi or usb ports as your input from the show pc to get the initial communication flowing.
  10. How are you connecting the pi directly to the receiver?
  11. Wow, looking them over now. Incredible. Looks like you have got some time invested.
  12. Thanks, yea, I have some 350's now and ordered some various aluminum products to do the framing enclosure. Considering some extruded aluminum channels with t slots as well as a few other options but not locked into any one item. They are about 1" thick and 1" wide for the single and 2" for the double. The grooves appear to line up perfectly with the screw holes on the backs of the panels and it would give me some serious strength without adding too much weight. Another thought is some flat aluminum with holes lined up to connect panel to panel which is fine but gives me no depth on the bac
  13. I have a BBB and Octo coming. Hopefully it is delivered this week. I will be trying that setup myself to make my own determinations for my 56 panel matrix. I have three concepts all together that I will be trying primarily. BBB/Octo straight to matrix. Pi/adafruit matrix hat straight to matrix and then using a colorlight/linsn receiver connected to the panel getting it's signal from a controller/sending unit. All of which will be driven by either the Xlights, FPP or LOR sequencing software to start with. Still trying to find posts or video of any or all of those concepts to know for cer
  14. Oh, hate to hear that. I was trying to figure out if my solder job was bad on the adafruit matrix hat that i put on the pi since fpp was running fine, I figured it could be nothing else. The panel just lit up the red bulbs only in any of the test patterns I used. Maybe I need to get an older PI too. I took the adafruit hat off and tried to undue the solder to redo but no luck.
  15. Oh, I am not sure what that zoom session is. Pi with hat was first thought, then pi to receiver was second then bbb with hat was third. Going to try each and every config. Then recently I started thinking of how I could still keep my LOR controllers in play as well. Ultimately, all my components do not need to be individuals going rogue with their own controllers. They all need to be connected and sequenced. Right now, it is either xlights or lor sequencing that I will attempt to use once I know hardware is all good.
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