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  1. I think pegboard would be good for the wind issue but the holes may look ugly. I am planning on throwing spotlights on it so you may be able to see all the holes...has anyone used this before? I am thinking about using 1/4 inch plywood. I think homedepot has some for $15 for a 4x8 sheet. I will need about 16 so trying to find ways to cut costs. I am going to have windows/doors. What do you mean by real stage flats, like canvas instead of plywood?
  2. Hey everyone, So I am already thinking about my Halloween display for next year. I am thinking about transforming my house by using plywood. Nothing will be mounted to the house. It will be just standing using 2x4 and sand bags. Just like theater flats. Just wondering if anyone has done this. What thickness plywood/type should I use? What reccomendations like dos/fonts? Bryan
  3. Homemade Gingerbread Woman. Still trying to learn how to capture video with my gopro.
  4. This is so sad! I think I remember that episode. If I can recall correctly, they built their house for the sole purpose of light shows. They had power recepticals and Ethernet plugs throughout their yard and house while it was being built just so they can hook it all up.
  5. How do you have the time and money to run it? Lol
  6. This! I HATE the look of the trees. The mouth movements look horrific! They don't even look like they are singing. So I made my own. I got all the ideas and steps from www.fanamaze.com Just look at his pictures. All you need is a big piece of coroplast from home depot ($20) a soldering iron to make the holes and some creativity for the design...if you have any questions please PM me.
  7. That is amazing! If I had the time and money I would light up my neighborhood.
  8. Sounds like your daughter's friend is going to put you in a little bit of debt
  9. So I finally set up my display yesterday (late due to a deployment) and I have noticed my neighbors putting more lights up on their display today. I love how I inadvertently made my neighborhood more festive! Has anyone else experienced this before?
  10. Thanks for the advice guys. I'm an aircraft avionics technition so I eal with wiring quite often. I'm not going to lie, I've been shocked more times putting up my lights and messing with my LOR boxes lol.
  11. Hey everyone! So my display is finally up and running. I have been deployed for the past 5 months and just got back the other day. This first year has been a huge learning curve and I hope I can provide some info to anyone that is just starting out. First of all, START EARLY for programming, prop making, and buy Christmas lights during the post christmas sale. I only have 32 channels of which 6 are dedicated to a home made singing gingerbread woman. However, 32 channels take FOREVER to program. So anyone reading this, please start early! So now for the ugly. My heart dropped the other day when I was hooking up my lights. I bought some SPT-1 cord with vampire plugs to hook up most of my lights. However I built on of the cords incorrectly and shorted out my LOR box and blew a fuse...First night, no lights and a broken box luckily I searched the forums and came across the fuses at home depot. Here is the link... https://www.homedepot.com/p/Cooper-Bussmann-ABC-Series-15-Amp-Microwave-Oven-Fuses-2-Pack-BP-ABC-15/100180250 Once the display was back up I hit the play button and watched from my car on the street. The little one (2.5 years) loved them!!! Seeing her reaction was all I needed to continue this hobby. I spent the next 3 hours creeping from my window as spectators stopped and watched One of the greatest feelings!!! Bryan
  12. I use a soldering iron to make my holes in the coro. Melts right through and it is the perfect size for M5 lights. I built a singing gingerbread woman for damn near $10.
  13. Once you install LOR, everything should just transfer fine. Just remember to keep backup files just in case.
  14. That is perfect! Have fun!!!
  15. MM, This is my first year doing a light show. I have a singing gingerbread woman that is "homemade". I got the idea from "the singing snowman" guy on YouTube. The best advice I have is to think about what kind of notes the person is singing (whole notes, half notes, quarter note), then transcribe that on sequence editor with different mouth movements...to be honest, being computer savy won't really help with programming. It's more understanding music concepts IMO. I too live in Florida so if you have any questions please P.M me and I will gladly help you out! Bryan
  16. This is my first year programming and setting up my show. I have 32 channels including a singing gingerbread woman. The mouth movements and eyes are all programmed by me and it feels amazing to be able to match the lip movements with the words and allow her to come "alive"... On a side note, all the free sequences I have come across are mostly garbage. The only good ones I have seen are from Mr. James Morris. However, I do enjoy seeing how other people program. Everyone is so different. This hobby really is an art...
  17. Hey James, can I please have it too? Bryan.hurley5@yahoo.com
  18. Hey everyone, I'm currently deployed and will be returning first week of December. I am currently programming away and am a newbie at all of this. Does anyone have any "filler" sequences such as random lighting effects to play between songs? I am running a 32 channel show with basic LED lights. Thanks everyone! Bryan.hurley5@yahoo.com
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