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  1. bryan.hurley5

    Dumb RGB Flood Extension Cords

    Just ordered 200 feet of the cable. Since the cord has 8 wires, do you just use four and leave the other? Or do you double up and use to wires per terminal like the other user suggested?
  2. I want to wire up my house with my new eight 10w light o rama dumb rgb floods. However, they will not be able to reach my CMB24D board. I have seen pre built extension cables on various websites but they too are pretty short. What does everyone use? Do you just use 4 conductor wire and splice them together? Or do you use the pre built cables? Bryan
  3. bryan.hurley5

    Dumb RGB Flood Extension Cords

    Didn't think about this. Cable is pretty cheap also. Thank you
  4. bryan.hurley5

    Marty's Halloween in Cold Lake 2018

    Awesome job!
  5. bryan.hurley5

    RGB Floods Christmas

    Mega, Would you mind if I can get a copy too? Bryan.hurley5@yahoo.com This will be my first year with rgb floods. Do you have any quick do's and dont's? Bryan
  6. bryan.hurley5

    Dumb RGB Flood Extension Cords

    Do you buy a dongle adapter or just splice the wires directly to the flood wires?
  7. bryan.hurley5

    Dumb RGB Flood Extension Cords

    I found this wire that comes in a 100ft spool that's pretty cheap. Has anyone used wire like This? Just want to make sure it can handle the 12vdc power. Monoprice Access Series 18 Gauge AWG CL2 Rated 4 Conductor Speaker Wire/Cable - 100ft Fire Safety In Wall Rated, Jacketed In White PVC Material 99.9% Oxygen-Free Pure Bare Copper https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003KPYRJM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_akT3BbEGGDDDR
  8. bryan.hurley5

    Moving to Europe

    Hey everyone! I am moving to Italy soon and everything I own runs off of 110v. I have thought about all my options from running a DC to AC converter from my Car to power my show over there or just running it off of a transformer. For the people in Europe, where do you buy your lights and does your local community support your light show?
  9. bryan.hurley5

    Moving to Europe

    Thanks for all the helpful information everyone! I have a very simple set up. Two CTB16 controllers with all LED lights. Nothing smart. All my lights just say 110v only and that's why I was nervous. I'm still debating just putti g my controllers into storage but I don't think I can last 4 years without running a show. I need my fix
  10. bryan.hurley5


    I believe they have to be WMV not MP4. I had to use a video converter or just the Microsoft movie editor to change it to WMV.
  11. bryan.hurley5


    Negative. You will need to upgrade.
  12. bryan.hurley5

    Singing face sequence

    How many channels is your mouth? I.e how many different mouth movements?
  13. bryan.hurley5

    Fog machine relay

  14. bryan.hurley5

    Fog machine relay

    I'll make a video real quick with information that may help. I'll post it here when I'm done.
  15. bryan.hurley5

    Fog machine relay

    This is one that I used... https://www.amazon.com/Wadoy-HH52P-Electromagnetic-DYF08A-120VAC/dp/B074W7YWHN/ref=asc_df_B074W7YWHN/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=226601492573&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=9753163549988705786&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=m&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9011679&hvtargid=pla-391310298886&psc=1
  16. bryan.hurley5

    Drone Recording (Audio)

    The drone radio should be operating in the UHF range or even higher. FM radio is all VHF and will not interfere at all with the signals. edit: after doing a quick google search they operate even higher than UHF. 2.4 - 5.0 GHz range.
  17. bryan.hurley5

    Cmb24d controllers complete!!!

    I’m confused. Is this just the circuit board or the CB + case + power supply?
  18. bryan.hurley5

    No motivation yet - help!

    Planning a Halloween show for the first year. It’s going to be completely interactive with buttons and switches for the little ones to enjoy. Hardware is all done but I still have to program still too
  19. bryan.hurley5

    Trip Wires with inputpup

    So after looking at my own sensors and the wires going to them, I don’t think they are able to be used. They are not a switch but rather a “stopper” for the motor to run on the garage opener. Simply put, without he sensors, the garage door would not close. If there are any experts out there please let me know if I am wrong. I think the PIR sensor is the way to go for your project. Or somehow make a pressure plate switch for the trucks when they leave.
  20. bryan.hurley5

    Trip Wires with inputpup

    You could also use a PIR sensor located a little high as well to just sense motion a few feet up. I’m not sure the voltage on garage sensors but you could always power it via a Power Supply Unit if need be. I am quite curious to see if a garage sensor would work. I’m about to take mine off my door and try and hook it up. I’ll let ya know how it goes.
  21. bryan.hurley5

    Equipment for sale

    Is the servodog still available?
  22. bryan.hurley5

    Suggestions for backup gear

    Fuses. I blew one the very first night and was freaking out. Home depot sells then for cheap. They are standard microwave fuses.
  23. bryan.hurley5

    Friendly Neighborhood Competition

    So I finally set up my display yesterday (late due to a deployment) and I have noticed my neighbors putting more lights up on their display today. I love how I inadvertently made my neighborhood more festive! Has anyone else experienced this before?
  24. How tall and what was the diameter of your base?