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  1. Cmb24d controllers complete!!!

    I’m confused. Is this just the circuit board or the CB + case + power supply?
  2. No motivation yet - help!

    Planning a Halloween show for the first year. It’s going to be completely interactive with buttons and switches for the little ones to enjoy. Hardware is all done but I still have to program still too
  3. Trip Wires with inputpup

    So after looking at my own sensors and the wires going to them, I don’t think they are able to be used. They are not a switch but rather a “stopper” for the motor to run on the garage opener. Simply put, without he sensors, the garage door would not close. If there are any experts out there please let me know if I am wrong. I think the PIR sensor is the way to go for your project. Or somehow make a pressure plate switch for the trucks when they leave.
  4. Trip Wires with inputpup

    You could also use a PIR sensor located a little high as well to just sense motion a few feet up. I’m not sure the voltage on garage sensors but you could always power it via a Power Supply Unit if need be. I am quite curious to see if a garage sensor would work. I’m about to take mine off my door and try and hook it up. I’ll let ya know how it goes.
  5. Equipment for sale

    Is the servodog still available?
  6. Suggestions for backup gear

    Fuses. I blew one the very first night and was freaking out. Home depot sells then for cheap. They are standard microwave fuses.
  7. How tall and what was the diameter of your base?
  8. Selling Input Pup, and 4 USB-RS485

    I would have bought the input pup for $30
  9. Google Really Does See All

    Do you log into your Google account at home and on your work computer?
  10. I too would love a copy if you are able to post it Bryan
  11. Time to start

    I'm building everything for Halloween right now. It's going to be an all interactive Disney show. So many relays, switches, servos, and wire in between. I sometimes wish I were addicted to alcohol. It may be cheaper and less stressful!
  12. Pirate Halloween

    What are you going to build the ship out of? I am looking to build something and was just curious as to what you may use.
  13. Time to start

    Thank god I am still rather new and only have 3 controllers. I get to relax till the summer
  14. You know you're addicted when...

    Or when a song comes on the radio and you visualize how it would look on your house