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  1. So Iv been using light o Rama for 4 years I go to do simple show builder after I updated the software to 4.2.4 I think that’s what it is and no files shown there so what do I do un install and re install and it still like nah we don’t wanna work right literally it doesn’t make its own file with everything from audio to sequences all I get is LOR Internal
  2. Ok so 5 of these and then use this I just can’t get sequencer to notice the IDMX alone
  3. Uh I have 5 normal controller for lights and then I was gonna have the 5th controller go into the DMX one but I was just trying to program a light I had from my dads job to work with it it’s on E0 in HWU but I try to go E0 in sequence editor and it doesn’t do anything
  4. This is my fifth year decorating first time using this DMX controller bought it there is really no instructions I went online and tried going from the user manual didn’t really make much sense I got it to work and hardware or utility but I can’t get it to work in sequence editor can anyone help me with this please thanks joe
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