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  1. bigjohn wrote: The only BIG event I am aware of for next year is http://www.theultimateacademy.com/ This is always THE event year over year and best BANG for the buck even with Travel. Harrison
  2. jeffl wrote: There is 1 catch here - how you wired them - but all of David's recommendation in his directions is wired like the Lynx. Harrison
  3. If you moving from DMX to LOR or vs versa - this is the best doc to keep yourself streight on the wiring. http://www.diylightanimation.com/wiki/index.php?title=General_Information_on_Dongle_Connections Harrison
  4. Steven wrote: To be technically correct (and nitpicky) your network is not a 'Y'. It is still a straight line, but the USB-485B is in the middle. TJ Hvasta wrote: If you open the USB-485B, you will find that the two jacks are wired in parallel. Thus, you could wire a second RJ45 jack into the USB-485 to put it in the middle of the network. Albeit, it could look ugly. Never tried it with LOR but with my DMX stuff I use these (http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=105&cp_id=10513&cs_id=1051304&p_id=7294&seq=1&format=2) and they work GREAT. As logn as your not powering items between the controllers (ELL or other stuff) this should work just fine. But never know till you try if it introduces issues in the stream. Harrison
  5. jimswinder wrote: Hey Harrison..your link is not good..I think it is the closed parenthesis at the end Yep - THX for the cetch just fixed it - http://academy.lone-star-holidays.com/ Harrison
  6. If you coming to the LSH Academy http://academy.lone-star-holidays.com/ there will be LED vendor at the event and many more. Harrison
  7. Thank's Bob - Looks AWESOME!!!! LOVE the object direction it is going. What it the time frame / WAG? - This year / Next Year / this decade ... Will the grids be customizable? - I have a grid of RGB 30 by 20 I would like to use this with for a sign. Will E1.31 be support in this out of the box? Price? Harrison
  8. hbomb341

    Wireless DMX

    bob_moody wrote: Hi Bob - I agree with Mark - the DIY community has some GREAT products - the Lynx line is AMAZING and will admit I am using a LOT of it in my display. There are many people (from DIY) who run a mix of LOR & DMX hardware and even software. I know this will be discuses at the Academy in August in Conroe, TX - I will also have almost one of every piece of hardware there if you want to check it out. Harrison
  9. There are also a few other option out there like the TP3244 from our friends down under that can drive a variety of pixel items via DMX & HyerDMX. If you pair it with the EtherCon Gateway (E1.31) it is a GREAT addition - SO hoping LOR adds support for E1.31 Harrison
  10. jbzeus wrote: You will need the iDMX (Converts LOR to DMX) - as of right now. Sequencing would be the same within S2 (theoretically). Harrison
  11. Mine are on controller - "Test Light" - to know if the show is running - also 0 timers. Harrison
  12. MissyGirardot wrote: Just plug them in with your LEDs (Just like another set of lights) - ether on the start or end of your run. I personally recommend the end. Harrison
  13. MissyGirardot wrote: Incandescent is a NON LED bulb like a C9, C7, Mini Light Strand or a NON CFL bulb. If you go into a Home Impovment store and asked for Incandescent lights they will point you right at them. Some poeople may say "Old school" lights now too. Harrison
  14. heystew wrote: Dave there are some DIY stuff out there which are targeted towards the large DMX setup - currently LOR doesn't support E1.31 and not sure if they plan on adding it but there are also a few other projects in the works that do. EthConGateway - http://www.joshua1systems.com/ethcongateway/ I think LOR MAY be able to handle this but I think bandwidth on the wire will be the issue. For BEST results I would run this from a PC with 4 LOR universes and evenly split up your devices by commands (NOT channels). Harrison
  15. jeffl wrote: There is just 1 per "dongle". Harrison
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