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  1. I am VERY grateful for the contributions to my New Years show!! Here are a couple of links to show off, this wasn't the whole show, but it was too cold for someone who reaches for a jacket at 70 degrees (yes I live in California LOL) . Please excuse the poor recording and my daughter and I's voices. She said I should just put the music track over the video, but then we'd miss out on the sirens and booms of the fireworks in the background. Also didn't realize until I started recording that my dog had killed one of my mini tree's and the top of my spiral tree was dead. Oh w
  2. Thank you SOOO much!! I just opened my email and a bunch of sequences were there! I now have a New Years Show! Sorry to hear about the flooding... Only flood I had to deal with was localized flooding by my dog on a couple of my mini trees, sucker killed one tree... LOL But thank you again!
  3. Appreciate it, but I haven't moved up to a pixel tree yet. Looks like Jemech4aa could us that!!
  4. Hey all, I'm trying to put together a New Years sequence to run. First year and didn't even think about it until a few minutes ago. Any Help would be appreciated! Thank you, Jim
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