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  1. How to convert 48 channel sequence to 32

    I got it to work with the copy paste. Thanks
  2. How to convert 48 channel sequence to 32

    I tried doing that and it wouldn't paste. I would select first timing right click and do select row then copy. After that I would switch to my new sequence and do a paste. Nothing would come over.
  3. I have two 16 channel controllers and have received some 48 channel sequences. How do I break this down without losing some of the channels I might want to use? do I need to add more channels to my existing configuration and just not use the last 16? Thanks
  4. Jingle Bell Rock

    Can I please get a copy. mdizzy465@gmail.com Thanks
  5. RGB lights not working

    I still can not get this to work. I changed port 1 to EAVE 1 then grouped pixel 1-150 into EAVE 1 and 151-170 into group NOT USED. pixil 1.1 is dmx, univ 1, ckt 1-3. I drew a pixil string in visualizer with 150 pixils and named it EAVE 1 with univ 1 and starting pixil 1.
  6. RGB lights not working

    Will I need to Have network configurations done before visualizer will work?
  7. RGB lights not working

    Thank you. I didn't realize this was going to be so difficult.
  8. RGB lights not working

    OK, so I will be using pixil 1.1 as my eave 1 bulb 1 correct? So I am guessing it is best to group the pixels into my different light strings "Eave 1".
  9. RGB lights not working

    Thanks. Sorry for not understanding all of this but how do I edit my network config and do I need to delete all the sequences I had created and create new ones inside that device?
  10. RGB lights not working

    I realized that then did a Pixel string called "test" and ran into same problem.
  11. RGB lights not working

    AlphaPix(tm) 16 V3 - E1.31 & ArtNet to SPI Pixel Controller w/LCD Display - 16 SPI + 3 RS485 Outputs.
  12. RGB lights not working

    I bought a E1.31 controller.
  13. RGB lights not working

    I believe so. Here is my sequence and Visualization. House Visualization.lee Timings_Rudolph (Burl Ives).lms
  14. RGB lights not working

    Smart using E1.31 controller.
  15. RGB lights not working

    I am brand new to this and am trying to set up my visualizer. I am going to be buying RGB lights for my house but when I set my channels to RGB DMX in SE they will not work in the visualizer. If I set them to LOR RGB they work. Thanks