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  1. Can my scheduled shows still be played from my laptop if I put my laptop in sleep mode, or would my laptop need to be awake to run the shows? Thanks!
  2. I but a controller not too long ago and tested it out with my lights. It worked just fine, the lights twinkled, faded up and down, shimmered and turned on and off. 2 weeks later, my uncle came over and wanted to see it. I plugged everything in like I did the first time, started up the same sequence and when the fading part came in the sequence I had created, the lights blinked on and off rapidly until turning off! Please help!
  3. I just bought a residential starter pack (16 channels). I'm in my shed counting all of the lights that I have and calculating the total wattage. My question is how many total watts can I pull from a single channel. And how many total watts can I pull from the controller without blowing a fuse? For my mega tree, I'm using 6 sets of 300 count incandescent lights. Each set uses 72 watts. In total, all six sets use a total of 432 watts. I can only plug in 3 sets end to end. Can I use two extension cords to split them up 3 and 3 and then plug both of those extension cords into a single channel on my controller using a 3 plug to 1 plug adapter? And if I do this will I still be able to plug in lights to the rest of the 15 available channels. I would like to make a tree to be one single channel. I use all LEDs except for my mega tree. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  4. Hello everyone, This year will be my first time setting up a LOR show. I have the Light-O-Rama demo installed on my computer. I will be purchasing (2) 16 channel controllers along with the software and hardware. I told my front neighbor (who lives about 250 feet away from my house) that this year I was going to do a light show. He was interested in what I was wanting to do. I showed him some videos of what Light-O-Rama can do and he was immediately amazed. Then he said, "Lets do this!" He wants a 16 channel controller. So now we are wanting to have a single show on 2 houses! with 48 channels. I did do some research and I found what I would need to hook it all up. (Easy Light Linker Pair and CAT 5). But, my question is how would I even begin to sequence 2 Houses. How can I visualize this and put lights on it in the sequence editor? Would I just stitch a pic of his house and my house together and add that picture into the sequence editor and just make a 48 channel show? I am not familiar with LOR Visualizer either. Also how would I begin to setup a sequence in the sequence editor? Do I just start a sequence and add songs and load a pic of the houses? Do I have to make like a channel configuration for my channels then start making sequences? Any help is really APPRECIATED! THANKS!