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  1. dgrusty

    I Want Candy

    Would like a copy as well James. Thanks Dale (dgrusty@yahoo.com)
  2. dgrusty

    24K Magic ???

    Anyone have this one to share? Thanks in advance Dale (dgrusty@yahoo.com)
  3. Kids are asking for this one (oh boy) so would appreciate a copy. Thanks in advance. Dale (dgrusty@yahoo.com)
  4. dgrusty

    Faces for You're Welcome Moana

    I'd be interested as well JR. Thanks, Dale (dgrusty@yahoo.com)
  5. Kids asked for this one so thought I'd see if anyone has done singing face for this one already or not. Seems appropriate for Christmas givne the North Pole is "on top of the world". Thanks, Dale dgrusty@yahoo.com
  6. Watching a behind the scenes show for "Halloween" is getting me in the mood to add to my Halloween show. Does anyone have a sequence to share? Thanks Dale dgrusty@yahoo.com
  7. dgrusty

    Ice Ice Baby Lms Faces Pixel Tree Matrix

    Hi James, I'd like a copy please. Thanks Dale (dgrusty@yahoo.com)
  8. Would love a copy JR. Thanks in advance. Dale - dgrusty@yahoo.com
  9. Out of town right now. Will send lms and mp3 when I get back Wed.
  10. Let me know if interested and I'll send over. Dale
  11. dgrusty

    Ghost Riders Outlaws Lms Faces Pixel Matrix

    Would love a copy of this one James. Thanks ! Dale (dgrusty@yahoo.com)
  12. dgrusty

    Imagine Dragons - Thunder

    Would love to have a copy as well. Thanks in advance. BTW, I took your version of Believer, modified it for my Christmas setup last year, and everyone loved it. Dale (dgrusty@yahoo.com)