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  1. Amen ! I wouldn't have a show without their help. Thanks guys ! Dale
  2. Hey James, I've got some pixels this year, so would appreciate a copy as well. Thanks, Dale (dgrusty@yahoo.com)
  3. I was able to get the singing faces done yesterday so if anyone is interested let me know and I'll share. Also working on a full sequence which I hope to have done by this weekend. Dale
  4. Hey JR, Just wanted to see if you had gotten around to this one yet. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving. Dale
  5. Could I please have a copy as well? Thanks Dale (dgrusty@yahoo.com)
  6. James, Can I get a copy as well please ? Thanks, Dale - dgrusty@yahoo.com
  7. Hi JR, Could I please get a copy of this one ? Thanks, Dale - dgrusty@yahoo.com
  8. Just finished up singing faces (3) for Can't Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake. I think it came out pretty good. If interested, let me know and I'm happy to share. Please note the audio I used is from the music video, so there's a couple of extra seconds and an extra vocal at the end of the song. Dale
  9. Sorry if there's a recent thread on this but does anyone have s sequence, preferably with singing faces for Can't Stop the Feeling? Thanks in advance, Dale (dgrusty@yahoo.com)
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