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  1. Thanks Dennis I discovered I had a cabling issue. I tested each Ribbon in the HU and they were all working fine. This is very strange because they do not work running them in a sequence or in a Show that I put together. I even ran a playback file in a test Show from last year and it didn't work. The other lights in other networks all worked fine.
  2. I have been using a 12 ribbon tree for the last four to five years and never had the problem of the Comm port being used can't see the 12 controllers. When in the HU, I select the Comm port and hit refresh and it comes back with 0 units. I checked the Comm selection in Network Preferences and they are the same. I reset all 12 controllers on power up. All 12 controllers have a solid red Aux light on and a continuous flashing red Status light. Any ideas ????
  3. Thanks Everyone for your input. All your suggestions and feedback has become very handy for me. I took the first advice from k6ccc and was able to join 2 images together. The scaling of the props was no problem to fix with the ability to select all the props to move and scale in both directions or individually. I'm okay for now, but if I get any further houses getting involved I will be taking some of the other advice to use coloured dots.
  4. For the last 5 years, I have been programming the lights for my house and the neighbor next door. When I did my display this past Christmas using S5, it didn't present any issues because I was able to take a nice picture of both homes together that I could configure in the Preview. Now I have an issue because another house 7 doors down from me wants his house to be included. I have taken a picture of his house and I am getting them to work with me on defining how they would like to see the layout on their house and property. I purchased all the necessary wifi controllers at the spring sale and I told him that he has to purchase his own 16 channel controller. How can I get multiple images loaded into the Preview so that I can setup his channels? If I can't, what other method do you have to allow me to include their house configuration into my sequences. Before Preview, the grid would allow you to setup as many controllers as you wanted. Anyone doing multiple houses on a street or a layout in a park may run into the same issue. It would be handy to link several individual Previews into a sequence. That way you could have more detail per house.
  5. I'm a little behind most in getting around to downloading the 5.0.18 update. The first time I tried executing the install file I had a problem with a power outage at my house in the middle of it. Once I got my computer back up running, I tried running it again. Currently I cannot load the update because I constantly keep getting the following message. Error 1500. Another installation is in progress. You must complete that installation before continuing this one. The problem is that I cannot get to the previous installation to complete it. I have shut down the computer many times and restarted it. Same thing continues to happen. Does anyone have a solution for this? I'd really like to start using the update. 2. When is the S5 licencing fees take effect and how will it work?
  6. I'm having the same kind of issue. I have bought some sequences from Brian Bruder in past years and now that I'm using S5, everything is backwards on my 12 CCR tree. I went to the prop definition for the CCR's and changed the Start setting from "Bottom Right" to "Bottom Left" and it didn't have any effect on the preview or the tree. Next I tried opening a sequence with no CCR motion effects in it and tired adding something. It shows up on my preview okay, but it doesn't show up or communicate with the CCR tree. I need help with this ASAP since my show is now running and things are showing up backwards. Matt, anything yet on the CCP Globe?
  7. This can happen when you have a bad pixel. When all RGB LED's are working correctly and put at full intensity, that's when you get white. In your case, if the red is working okay, it could be the blue or green LED that may be the problem OR a combination of both. If you are getting other colours though on those 2 pixels, that would indicate that a mix of colour is still taking place which means that at least 1 other LED is working. You need to change out the pixel. Hopefully you have extra pixels that you can exchange. Remember that the polarity is an issue with LED's.
  8. Hi James, I sure appreciate you doing this for us. Can I also get a copy of the sequence? My email is sbrighton@rogers.com . Does anyone have a sequence for Pentatonix - Up on the Housetop ? I'd like to get that one as well.
  9. I'm running unicast. Everything is wired (no wireless). The controller is a Falcon F16V2R.
  10. Matt, I'm noticing that my special effects that I have used in my Halloween sequence for the pixel tree are not looking so good. For instance, the fire effect is really colour blocky instead of having a smooth transition to it looking like fire. I'm running the pixel tree in DMX. I tried running the same effect in the preview screen on my CCR tree prop and it looks more like flames. What have I missed in setting up the DMX configured pixel tree from the LOR CCR tree?
  11. Thanks for your help Matt, everything is now working great except for my effects on the mega tree.
  12. I just finished running a test run of our Halloween display in which I am using the Music Video "Thriller". Every time a run the Show on Demand feature, it runs perfectly until it has to loop to the second time through. At that point it generates an "Error running Media File" and continuously repeats the error. The only way to stop it is to Stop the show immediately and then restart the Show on Demand for subsequent sequence run through. So I thought that it might have something to do with the Show On Demand feature, so I set a schedule and let it start on it's own. The same thing happened. I can't imagine spending my Halloween night restarting the show every 12.5 minutes for 3 hours. The second problem is that I can't figure out how to get the movie to automatically start on the data projector, full screen. It initiates on the primary screen, so I have to quickly move it to the extended monitor (data projector) and maximize it. If this is a setting in S5, where can I find it or what is the solution? This is my first time working with a video file.
  13. Thanks to "default", "Matt T" and "k6ccc" for all your help. I was able to resolve all my conflict warnings, generate the feedback file, make communication with the Falcon controller and watch it run using the Control Lights function. The only additional thing I had to figure out was the proper address numbering system to get the Mega tree to be operating properly. I finally got to bed at 1:40am, but then we all know what that's like when you're on a roll. Success is sweet! My number 4 question is the only thing I need to figure out with my Christmas Preview.
  14. I wasn't able to set them the same way because on the Falcon board, the addressing kept climbing. For instance, Universe 1 Address 1 - 512, Universe 2 Address 513 - 1024 and so on. In LOR, the Network Preferences under DMX would only let me use 1 - 512 for each universe. It wouldn't accept 513 as the start address for universe 2.
  15. Oops, I missed one more. I have a channel conflict due to an error that I made in S4 and now has jumped out at me in S5. I made the mistake of selecting a wrong Unit ID & Circuit for 1 of my props which I missed last year. When I created all my props in S5, I selected the correct Unit ID & Circuit. When I converted a song from last year into S5, the result was that the wrong configuration from last year generated a channel conflict because it was shared by another prop. The correct configuration was sent to the archived props because the Unit ID & Circuit were not found in the converted sequence. How do I fix this?
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