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  1. OK - never mind. I am able to import a new channel layout for my existing sequences. I just have to make sure I don't have any timing channels or additional channels within the tracks.
  2. OK - I have changed a few things around and would like to know if there is an easy way to assign a channel grid (New) to an existing sequence (old) or do I have to go through each of my existing sequences and update my grid?
  3. How much are you spending on the speaker wire? I purchased my SPT-2 wire from Americord. Price per foot with shipping was less than .13 a foot. I did order 7,000 feet of it on a single spool - it weighed in at 285lbs :shock: As for the vampire plugs - Novelty Lights
  4. stanward wrote: I purchased 7,000' of SPT-2 from Americord and with shipping of a single 285lb spool the cost per foot came out to .13. You have to call them to get the bulk pricing. I did not have any problems with placing the order at all. The spool was delivered by freight carrier and was contacted from them with a time that it was going to be delivered. They placed the pallet and spool in my garage with no problems.
  5. What is a good distance to space the clips?
  6. OK - so it sounds like I have some work to do by entering in my lights per channel and controller into the spreadsheet that I found to find out what my load is going to be per controller. 30 amp max - 15 amp per side. In most of the layout and design I have at most 3 strings of mini's per channel. That should be around 9.25 amps per side. That is under the 12 amp (80% of 15 amp) usage. To be safe I will enter in all my information that I have into the spreadsheet and see if I am over in any areas.
  7. OK - I am now ready to have a certified electrician come out and put in my electrical outlets. But I am not sure how many I need. I have 8 of the PC controllers. Will I need 2 15 amp outlets per box for a total of 16 outlets?
  8. I downloaded the trial version myself and tested it out for 2 weeks. I just bought the full version today. I feel it is worth the money. It does take a little to get used to, but once that is done it is great.
  9. Ralph, Here is a site that I think you will find what you are looking for. http://www.christmasinkent.com/howto/HowToMCsign.htm
  10. We found small trees at Michaels this year on clearance for $1.00 each. We cleared out all they had. They stand about 2 feet tall and have a burlap sack on the bottom. We have tested with them using 150 count mini's. They look ok, but i want to have double that on them so they stand out more.
  11. I am on my way from being a zero to 128 channel user . Just placed my order for 8 PC packages :shock: (I hope I know what I just got myself into). Just can't wait to get them and put them together. Wife is still confused with all of this and still thinks that I should be admitted to be examined .
  12. OK ... now that my thread has been totally hijacked with the announcement from Dan - but it is GREAT NEWS especially for the budget. Now I still don't know what I should get even with the lower prices . Any suggestions would be great prior to the price drop so that I can buy them.
  13. OK - I have read up on all the available options and would like to have some other ideas on what I should get. I have my plan made and will need 128 channels. Each of my controllers will be located in my garage (I know more extension cord lengths - just don't know about leaving that much money sitting in the yard). So I won't need the enclosures, but I do not want to do any soldering (haven't done any soldering before and don't want to learn on these). I have no problems connecting the power cords or dongles. I am used to building computers so that shouldn't be a problem. What unit should I buy, the 128 Channel Starter Package or go with the PC-CTB16PC and add the High Power Heatsink, 30 amp supply cord set and the 16 cord dongle set? What are the Pros and Cons of each? Any help and ideas will be greatly appreciated. The wife says I am out of my mind with 128 channels, but she is the one who said that we would have to add the side and back of the house to the display. Thanks, Shawn Attached files
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