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    Shout out to JR and Morris

    Thanks JR, James, and everyone else for your generosity, it is much appreciated. I'm short on time, cash, & sequencing skills, so it's nice to be able to add a few more songs to my show this year that I wouldn't have been able to add without your willingness to share.
  2. Speedster

    Second Video of Our Show

    Looks great!
  3. Speedster

    Veterans Day

    Thank you for your service, it is greatly appreciated.
  4. Speedster

    Storing Controllers and Props

    I've stored blow molds in the garage & shed w/o any problems, but also make sure not to have their cords laying on the ground in case little critters are crawling around. I store the light controllers in the garage too, and since I only have 3 of them I store all 3 in a bin with a lid. Extension cords, LED light strings, 12" snowflakes, and other small d├ęcor get stored in covered bins in our basement. The 8 spiral trees get disassembled and stored in our enclosed back porch/patio because I don't have anywhere else to put them. I'll have 2 leaping arches and 3 firesticks for the first time this year, and I'll store those in the garage. I might put a few large wide boards on the rafters and lay them on top of them so they're out of the way.
  5. I have 8 spiral trees with flat triangular bases like the ones pictured here: I arrange them in 2 groups of 4 trees in a straight line side by side. Since we always get snow in Dec, I always have to clear snow from around the bases several times. To avoid the trees getting buried and having to clear away the snow, I thought about elevating each group of trees by about 6 - 8 inches by securing 2 long 2 x 2's on cinder blocks, then securing the tree bases to the 2 x 2's (2 of the feet would get secured to one of the 2 x 2's, and the 3rd foot of the base would get secured to the other 2 x 2). Has anyone ever done something like this? Any other suggestions?
  6. That might not look too good in our situation because of where the 8 spiral trees are located in front of our house. You can see them in one of my videos from last year. Would that pull rebar out of ground that is frozen solid? I'm thinking I'd have to pour buckets of boiling water at the base of the rebar to soften the ground enough lol. Glad you were OK after that nearly fatal mishap! You're definitely not overreacting, as I believe that anything that CAN happen, WILL eventually happen, especially if we're talking about something accidental. I always err on the safe side of caution, which is why I haven't used rebar for any props yet. I'm a firm believer in "safety first", and the reason why I and my family are alive today is because we had multiple carbon monoxide detectors going off when we had a furnace problem at our previous home. I'm paranoid because of that incident, so in our current home we have 9 carbon monoxide detectors and 13 smoke/fire detectors. I actually told my family that we have so many of them because I'm worried that I might set the house on fire because of all the outdoor Christmas lights! My wife and kids are very accident-prone, and I've been known to trip every now and then. So those rebar caps might have swung me towards using the rebar method for my spiral trees.
  7. Thanks guys, I also thought about using rebar, but the problem is that anything I pound into the ground in November can't be pulled out until April because the ground is too frozen. I could remove the trees from the rebar after Christmas, but the rebar sticking out of the ground could be dangerous if someone doesn't see it and trips, possibly impaling themself. Or I could leave the trees attached until the ground softens, but I'd rather not leave Christmas decor out on the lawn until April lol. For one group of 4 trees I may end up doing the rebar method anyway on the part of our lawn where nobody should be walking. Then for the 2nd group of 4 trees I'll use the method I described, which makes it easy to tear down in January w/o worrying about anything left sticking out of the ground.
  8. I'm looking for the "Rock" version which has electric guitars and women singing (not the version with the little kids singing). I have 48 channels and use regular LED light strings, spiral trees, snowflakes, etc (no pixels or singing trees/faces) configured to mimic the standard LOR configurations for controllers 1, 2, & 3 in LOR's sequences. MartinaFan64@gmail.com
  9. I found a site called Environmental LED where I can get 500 ft of SPT1 wire, 50 male plugs, and 50 female plugs for a grand total of $150.94 which includes shipping costs of only $0.95. Money is tight due to some medical bills so before I click "Check Out & Pay" I was wondering if there was a better deal elsewhere.
  10. Was it hard to put the vampire plugs on the lamp cord from Home Depot? I was thinking of using that in case I ran out of green SPT1 wire and needed something quick. But if it's too hard to put the plugs on the lamp cord and can't even get a good solid "bite" I guess I won't even waste my time & money on it.
  11. This year I'm planning to add 2 8-channel leaping arches and 2 8-channel starbursts (using strings of LED lights) to our Christmas display. I've found a few videos suggesting how to make leaping arches, but they're several years old so I'm wondering if there is a newer/better way to make them. I plan to make each arch out of a 10-ft PVC pipe, but wasn't sure if I can make each arch out of just one 10-ft pipe, or if I need to use the "sleeve method" and cut 8 sections of a bigger diameter pipe (equal lengths of course) and slide them over the smaller diameter10-ft pipe. For the starbursts (which I would like to be about 6 feet tall), I'd like to have 7 channels for the column of the starburst and the 8th channel for the star on top. Unfortunately I haven't found any videos that show how to make these. I'm hoping to start making them this weekend, so I'd appreciate any advice you have on how to build these (what materials to use, the length & thickness, what to use to anchor them (rebar?), where to get the stars for the starbursts, etc). Thanks in advance.
  12. I'm getting that same subtotal, but adding UPS Ground shipping costs of $24.56 brings the total to $180. My total on the other site would be about $151 which includes shipping. Unfortunately I can't wait for the next LOR sale since I need the wire and plugs very soon.
  13. Speedster

    Speakers and FM transmitter

    I use the FM transmitter that came with the TSO ShowTime Central Starter Package. That's for the people who drive by and want to listen in their cars. For people walking/jogging down our streat, I run a long audio cable from ShowTime Central to a Yorkville Coliseum Outdoor Powered Speaker that is placed outside underneath our living room window. I had it set on a timer to power on at 4:00 pm and power off at 9:00 pm. If you do a google search you can probably find it for about $150, which is what I paid for it last year (can't remember the site I bought it from lol).
  14. Thanks, despite spending over $500 on new eyeglasses recently, I'm apparently still blind as a bat!!! Maybe I should return the eyeglasses and use the money to buy more lights and LOR gear! I picked up the conduit hangers and all other necessary anchoring hardware for the firesticks at Home Depot today. Thanks again for your help!
  15. @Crimson Lane Lights Etown I found 3/4" blue 10-ft PVC that is already somewhat curved, so I'll probably use that for the arches since it appears they won't snap in the middle or break off at the ends. I can make a slightly taller, more curved arch that way. @Mega Arch Wow, that's some expensive hardware! I'm on a very tight budget this year so I'm gonna have to see if I can come up with a cheaper way to fasten the firesticks to our mortar. Then maybe next year I can implement your suggestion.
  16. I made the 8-ft tall firesticks out of 1-inch PVC and 8 strands of lights. Do you have any suggestions for attaching them to the brick exterior of a house? I couldn't find anything on the Menard's or Home Depot websites that would allow me to anchor the PVC pipe far enough away (about 2 inches) from the brick so the lights aren't touching the brick.
  17. Looks awesome! Thanks for the info, I think I'll try the rebar method for anchoring each end first, then if that doesn't work I'll try your method.
  18. I was wondering if you used rebar to keep your arches in place. If so, how much of it has to be inserted into the PVC? I'm afraid the PVC will break if I bend it too much, so how tall should the arch be, and assuming that rebar is used, what should the angle of the rebar be? Based on my initial test bends, looks like the rebar should be pounded into the ground at about a 40 - 45 degree angle.
  19. Thanks for the great suggestions/advice everyone! Heading out to Menard's this afternoon to pick up four 1-inch diameter 10-ft PVC pipes to make 2 leaping arches and 2 firesticks. The firesticks will be about 8 ft tall and will line the 2 front corners of our house to the left and right of our kitchen window. Will have to use strings of LED lights since I haven't gotten into pixels yet. Since I'm still boycotting the NFL I'll have lots of spare time on Sundays to get everything made and in place by Thanksgiving night. Thanks again y'all!
  20. Thanks for the info & advice everyone. I like the idea of the firesticks, so instead of starbursts I'll make 2 8-foot firesticks out of PVC and line the 2 front corners of our house with them. It'll be awhile before I get into pixels, so for now I'll make 2 "older style" leaping arches. To save time and money I'll build them without the sleeves. Can I make them out of 10-ft PVC pipe that is 1/2" in diameter and anchor them with rebar? Or should I use 3/4" PVC?
  21. I'll have a 64-channel LOR setup this year. Does anyone have a sequence for this song? Thanks in advance.
  22. I'd love a copy with instructions too please! Thanks! MartinaFan64@gmail.com
  23. Speedster

    Summer sale

    Have someone standing by with a Shop Vac since we all know how hard it is to shake off those peanuts once they're stuck on us!
  24. Speedster

    Weird laws still active in Massachusetts

    Wisconsin - In Milwaukee, if one is thought of as offensive looking, it is illegal for him to be in public during the day. I lived in Milwaukee most of my life and had no idea I was breaking the law almost every day that I lived there!
  25. Speedster

    Trans Siberian Orchestra 2018 Tour Dates

    Awesome, looks like they kick off the tour in Green Bay on Nov 14!!! Six tickets are going to cost me a fortune, but I'm sure it'll be worth it. Can't wait!!!