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  1. Speedster

    Summer sale

    Try re-subscribing to the email notifications, or subscribe with a different email address.
  2. Speedster

    Summer sale

    Cool, thanks!
  3. Speedster

    Summer sale

    We may have to go dark this year because it's been such a crazy/hectic year and it doesn't look like that's going to be changing anytime soon. So I'm not sure if I'll be able to setup our outdoor show in time. But I'm going to buy another 16-channel ready-to-go residential controller anyway. I'll have to wait until my Aug 23 paycheck to order it though because I spent too much on my music hobby earlier this month lol. The quantities aren't limited for the summer sale like they are in the spring sale, correct? Just want to make sure there's no danger of items being sold out.
  4. Speedster

    Just getting started! HELP

    Also, avoid the Martha Stewart brand lights. LOR users have said that they can't be dimmed, and sometimes catch fire when they tried.
  5. Speedster

    Suggestions for backup gear

  6. Speedster

    Suggestions for backup gear

    Thanks Phil!
  7. Speedster

    Suggestions for backup gear

    Instead of going through the entire list of forum members to see what city/state they live in, is there a faster/easier way to determine who lives nearby?
  8. Speedster

    Google Really Does See All

    I do, and I know that's why I see ads at work for the same guitar gear etc that I'm checking out at home. As I said, my home browsing is innocent, so I guess I really don't need to worry about the kind of ads that show up on my work computer. I just don't like google, Yahoo, etc doing that.
  9. Speedster

    Google Really Does See All

    All this spying that google, technology, and the entire internet is doing has gotten way out of control. At home I'll do research on musical equipment, for example I'll look at musical instrument websites to learn about a specific guitar amplifier that I just heard about. Then the next day at work, I'll see ads for the same guitar amplifier on my work computer, even though I was on my home computer when I looked at that amp on instrument websites. Luckily I don't do any bad/naughty browsing at home because I'd hate to think what would show up on my browser at work if I did. So when I research health & workout supplements, musical instruments, cars & SUVs, and outdoor Christmas lights/decor at home, I know I'll see ads for those same things at work the next day.
  10. Speedster

    going dark is so different...

    Bummer, sorry to hear this. Just out of curiosity, how many years did you have big light displays? This was only our 3rd year (but 1st using LOR), but the setup and tear down took so much longer than the previous 2 yrs. So I may decide to go dark every 3 or 4 yrs just to give myself a break. Or if I decide not to go totally dark, I might "compromise" and setup a smaller display with only 1 or 2 light controllers.
  11. Speedster

    Fire at LOR

    Sorry to hear about the fire, but glad that everyone is ok, since that's always the most important thing. By any chance was someone doing some product testing and trying to dim Martha Stewart LEDs?
  12. Speedster

    Got all of my stuff down

    I took down most of the stuff on Sun Jan 7, and the rest on the following Wed and yesterday (Sunday). Total tear down time was about 8 hrs between the 3 days. I think almost 4 hrs of that time was spent unplugging everything and rolling up extension cords on that first Sunday. My wrists and forearms were so sore that I couldn't workout that evening!
  13. Speedster

    TSO Package on SD Card

    You've got mail!
  14. Speedster

    TSO Package on SD Card

    Happy New Year to you too! Other than the GFCI breaker tripping a few times during a light rain on the 3rd night, everything ran flawlessly. I was so stoked that everything ran so much more smoothly than I thought they would. Opening night was 11/23 (Thanksgiving) and Sat Jan 6 was the last night. If my math is right, that's 42 days. It was a LOT of work to set everything up, but because of the results, I can't complain. It took me over 8 hrs to take everything down and store everything lol. I think I spent over 3.5 hrs disconnecting cords & plugs, and rolling up extension cords! I "only" had 48 channels.....I can't imagine how long the tear down & storage takes for people who have hundreds of channels! Now that we're dark, our house & yard look sad, dull, boring, and lifeless lol. I bought my controllers & TSO package during the summer sale in August. From what I've read, the spring sale has better pricing, but limited quantities (some items sell out within 5 minutes of the start of the sale!). So keep your eye on the forums and join the LOR emailing list for advanced notice of the sales! I'll probably buy 2 more controllers...one to bring my show up to 64 channels, and one for a spare...just in case!
  15. Speedster

    Wrapping it up

    My family started feeling sad when I started taking down our outdoor lights & decor last year. So as a "compromise" I told them I wouldn't take down the indoor lights in our living room. We've had string lights in our living room around our inside window frames, door frame, and fake house plants for 13+ months. I'll leave them up again this year too so it'll always look like Christmas all year 'round! Maybe I'll even hook up one of the LOR controllers to the living room lights!