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  1. Luckily I'm able to work from home, so I only have to leave the house once every 7 - 10 days to pick up prescriptions and/or groceries for my family of 5. Haven't had too much trouble finding TP, but still can't find disinfectant wipes. Luckily we had a few containers of them before they became impossible to find (I use them to disinfect our groceries in the garage before I bring them into the house). I'll be furloughed the week of May 3, but luckily the $1200 stimulus check will cover most of my lost net pay for that week. Thankful to still have my job (for now...knock on wood). Gonna try to convince my wife to buy a high-wattage inverter generator with her stimulus check. Now that we have 2 big refrigerators/freezers full of food, and a basement chest freezer full of frozen food, we could lose a lot of food if our power goes out for a few days like it has done several times in the spring/summer over the past 8 yrs. I'd hate to have to throw out several hundreds of dollars worth of spoiled food and then have to go out shopping to restock the fridges & freezers again. I think a lot of other people have the same thought because our local Home Depot has no generators in the store, and on their website a lot of the inverter generators are out of stock. So I guess people are hoarding generators too lol! Hope y'all are doing OK under the circumstances and staying safe.
  2. Almost looks like a shoe print from someone's work boot.
  3. Looks really nice. Mind if I ask how much it cost? I'm curious because I'm thinking of extending our driveway sideways towards our house so we can park 2 cars there, and having a sidewalk installed from the driveway to our front porch. The amount of concrete that would we'd need to be poured is about the same size as your driveway. How long did you have to wait until you could park on it?
  4. Today is Feb 12, and although they took down the inflatables & blow molds in mid-January, as of today they still have their icicle lights & window decor and still turn them on every evening!
  5. I wanted to upload my 95-minute video to Vimeo too after Youtube blocked it worldwide. But like you I have an upload limit that isn't high enough, and I didn't want to pay to upgrade. Since I'm already paying $1.99/month for 100 GB of storage on Google Drive and still had plenty of space available, that's where I uploaded it.
  6. We've got snow in the forecast tonight & tomorrow as well as strong winds. So after tearing down the majority of the lights, props, & LOR controllers on 1/4, I took down the mini-static display (Nativity scene & icicle lights) today. So we're officially dark on 1/10. Our house & yard look dull, lifeless, sad & boring now.
  7. OMG...today they added 2 big inflatables!!! 😄 If they keep this up I'm going to sneak into their yard at night with my LOR controllers, mini-Director, outdoor speaker, & SPT1 cords and rewire all their lights & props! And something tells me they might not even mind! 😄
  8. As of this evening, all the new window decorations & blow mold Santas that they recently added to their display are still lit. Whatever their reason is for adding more stuff to their display instead of tearing it down, I'm totally OK with it! It's always sad to see more and more houses going dark the further away we get from Christmas. So it was actually uplifting to see a display shining brighter while the rest of our houses & yards are getting darker.
  9. While many of us have already torn down (or are in the process of tearing down) our Christmas displays, yesterday I was shocked to see that someone in my town who has a static display actually ADDED more stuff to their display, possibly over the weekend! I see their house every day on the way home from work, and like many other houses, I've become very familiar with what they have in their display (I'm sure we lighters probably pay closer attention to other peoples' displays than non-lighters do). So at a time when we consider the Christmas lighting season to be over, I couldn't believe I saw more window decorations and 10 - 12 of the exact same blow mold Santas in their display yesterday! I'm thinking they got everything at great clearance prices and just couldn't wait until next year to put them in their display! Or maybe they decided to test them now to make sure they work so they can return them if they don't, since something probably wouldn't be returnable anymore if they discovered it was defective later this year. If that's the case, I would have tested them in the basement or garage, instead of adding them to a display that will be torn down soon.
  10. I can still see it. https://vimeo.com/382510454
  11. Spent 5 hrs tearing down & storing almost everything today. But I've decided to leave the Nativity scene and icicle lights up for one more week, which I haven't done before. Many around here leave their static displays up until about mid-January, so I decided to do a mini-static display for one week. I guess I wasn't ready to go totally dark yet because I feel sad every January after tear down. The forecast for the next week looks decent; no major snow accumulation, and temps will be warmer than usual for us in January. So I'll wait until next Sat to put away the Nativity scene & icicle lights, which should only take about 45 min.
  12. Tear-down for our display is usually the first weekend in January after New Year's Day. So I'm planning to tear down this coming Sat or Sun, making this Fri or Sat the last night of our light show. Most likely I'll tear down on Sat since it's supposed to be a bit warmer than Sun. I'm tempted to start tearing down on Wed (New Year's Day) though because we have a mix of rain and snow forecast for Fri. So light strings & props might be wet and/or snow-covered on Sat, which isn't good for storage.
  13. Youtube did the same thing to me...took down my video of the entire show with all the songs in 2017 and also this year, but allowed the individual songs to remain posted in 2018. It's a lot of work making individual videos for the 28 songs in my show, so I'd rather upload one long video versus 28 videos. But one or more songs is causing an issue, so obviously I can't do that. I ended up having to upload this year's long video to my Google Drive and shared it that way instead. Not sure if Vimeo is as strict as youtube, but after having my videos of our entire show blocked worldwide 2 out of the past 3 years, going forward I think I'll just continue using Google Drive.
  14. Merry Christmas everyone!
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