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  1. Aussie Andrew

    Boscoyo 270 node star

    Hi Jim I have just seen that you have a model for the 270 node Boscoyo 6 ring star is there any chance you could email it to me? andrew@nfielectrical.com Thanks
  2. Aussie Andrew

    Pixcon16 with CTB16PC

    Hi all I have a Pixcon16 working on a E1 31 network and I have decided to add a CTB16PC box beside it, can I run the existing RJ45 cable into the CTB16PC first then with a short cable back into the Pixcon16 board and run both units or do I have to run a new cable Thanks
  3. Hi Can I export a prop that i created in pixel editor to Visualizer. I can see the export prop section in Pixel editor but when I save it then go looking for it in Visualizer I can't find it, looks like Pixel editor uses a different extension on the end of the file and Visualizer can't find it. What am I doing wrong
  4. Aussie Andrew

    Pixel editor to Sequence editor

    Found the problem The file name in Pixel editor was slightly different to that in Sequence editor
  5. Aussie Andrew

    Pixel editor to Sequence editor

    Hi all I'm using S4 software and have designed 1/3 a show in Sequence editor a 1/3 in pixel editor and 1/3 in Superstar, I can transfer the Superstar into Sequence editor and it looks like I have transferred the Pixel editor into sequence editor once but the Pixel editor part will not play when running in sequence editor/ or control the lights ( the superstar and sequence editor part will play). What is the process for transferring the program from Pixel editor to sequence editor ( I thought I read somewhere that you can only do it once lets hope not) and is there any tricks to get the Pixel editor part to control lights in sequence editor. BTW the Pixel editor program will work and control the lights when run from Pixel editor
  6. Aussie Andrew


    Hi all With my current setup I'm running a few Pixcon 16 boards and they are all run back to a router and all is working fine, my question is can I daisy chain, loop my pixcon16 boards (loop in loop out) instead of running my cat 5 leads back to the router, if this is possible it would save me running a lot of cat 5 leads Thanks
  7. Aussie Andrew

    Import and export

    Hi all, I'm a bit lost I have created 1/2 of my show in sequence editor and the other 1/2 in pixel editor what I have created in Pixel editor I can preview in pixel editor and its all good but I want to be able to view the whole show. Do I use Visualizer or Pixel Editor and do I import or export from one to the other? If this is the answer how do I do it?