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  1. Could I please get this song? Have some big plans for it if all goes according to plan! deervalleylights@gmail.com Thanks so much!
  2. This would be perfect for Halloween night! Can I please get a copy? deervalleylights@gmail.com Thanks so much!
  3. Can I get a copy as well please? Thanks a ton! deervalleylights@gmail.com
  4. Hey everyone! So I am finalizing my Halloween show and it dawned on me... I really would love to have the Witch Doctor song in my show as I grew up with that song and completely forgot about it over the years. Does anyone possibly have a singing faces sequence to this that would like to share? Thanks!
  5. Could I get a copy as well? Thanks so much! deervalleylights@gmail.com
  6. Could I get one as well? Thanks! deervalleylights@gmail.com
  7. Could I please get a copy of this? Thanks! Deervalleylights@gmail.com
  8. Could I please have a copy of this as well? Been looking for a song that would match my show perfectly and I think this may be it! deervalleylights@gmail.com Thanks!
  9. Can I get a copy? Thanks! deervalleylights@gmail.com
  10. Could I get a copy of this as well please? Have some awesome plans for it! Thanks! deervalleylights@gmail.com
  11. Could I get a copy of this as well please? Thanks! email: deervalleylights@gmail.com
  12. Would love to get a copy of this please. email: deervalleylights@gmail.com Thanks!
  13. Can I please have a copy of this? Have some great ideas for this! deervalleylights@gmail.com
  14. Could I please get a copy of this? Thanks so much! Deervalleylights@gmail.com
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