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  1. I've started sequencing already this year for a 96 channel setup. Inquiring if anybody has 96 channel or sequences they are willing to share for some ideas. Open to anything, please to Dep.byoung@hotmail.com
  2. Whip Nae nae

    Would anybody mind sharing this sequence? Dep.byoung@hotmail.com
  3. Happy by pharrell

    Would anybody mind sharing this sequence? Dep.byoung@hotmail.com
  4. Thunderstruck

    Would anybody mind sharing this sequence? Thx, in advance. Dep.byoung@hotmail.com
  5. 2 sequences

    Could I please get a copy. Thx, in advance. Dep.byoung@hotmail.com
  6. Looking for a sequence for Despecito song

    Dibblejr could I get a copy of you Halloween sequence. I believe you have already shared the faces with me. Thx, in advance Dep.byoung@hotmail.com
  7. Would anybody be willing to share this sequence. Thanks in advance dep.byoung@hotmail.com
  8. Looking for dueling jingle bells

    Not real sure on how google drive works, but I found the sequences but no media files?
  9. Looking for dueling jingle bells. I have 48 channels to work with but take whatever. Thx, in advance. Dep.byoung@hotmail.com
  10. 16ch Spiral tree sequences

    Could I get a copy of this sequence please. Thx, in advance. Dep.byoung@hotmail.com
  11. Needing song programed

    Would anybody be interested in programming a couple of songs for me. Pm and we can talk cost. I have 64 channels, 16 of which are singing faces but they don't have to be sequenced this year, I have another 16 channels which is to my mega tree containing 4 separate colors. I'm interested in the following songs Hallelujah movie sing I'm still standing movie sing.
  12. Polar Express Hot Chocolate

    Could I get a copy of this along tree face sequence. Thanks in advance. Dep.byoung@hotmail.com
  13. Whip Nae nae

    Cam I get a copy of this sequence. Thx, in advance. Dep.byoung@hotmail.com
  14. Happy by pharrell

    Would somebody mind sharing this sequence as well. Thx, in advance. Dep.byoung@hotmail.com
  15. Anyone doing Despacito?

    Does anybody have this sequence they would mind sharing. Thanks in advance. Dep.byoung@hotmail.com