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  1. May I please have a copy dep.byoung@hotmail.com Thank You
  2. I don't recall seeing your email. Would you mind sending again. Thanks dep.byoung@hotmail.com
  3. Thought I had seen this song on here before but can't locate it now. Does anybody have Megan Trainor I'll be home for Christmas they would mind sharing. Really looking for singing faces Thanks in advance, dep.byoung@hotmail.com
  4. Anybody mind sharing. Thanks in advance. Dep.byoung@hotmail.com
  5. Anybody mind sharing faces, and sequence. Thanks in advance. Dep.byoung@hotmail.com
  6. Just came across a song similar to a song my daughter loves. I've seen singing trees for this song on Facebook, has anybody sequenced this song and wouldn't mind sharing. Dep.byoung@hotmail.com
  7. Would somebody mind sharing face sequence. Thanks in advance... Dep.byoung@hotmail.com
  8. Anybody mind sharing TSO First Snow & Mad Russian. Preferably 48 or more channels non RGB. Currently running 96 channels this year all LED. Dep.byoung@hotmail.com
  9. Can I get a copy of this please? I'd like a copy of the song sequence also if anybody is willing to share. Thanks in advance. Dep.byoung@hotmail.com
  10. Does anybody have a sequence to this song? I've got 1 started but losing out on ideas. Thanks in advance Dep.byoung@hotmail.com
  11. Would you happen to have a sequence for Meghan Trainor. How far I'll go? I've got 1 started but losing ideas
  12. Would someone mind sharing How far will I go and shiney please. Thanks in advance. Dep.byoung@hotmail.com
  13. Would someone mind sharing this sequence please. Thanks in advance. Dep.byoung@hotmail.com
  14. Anybody mind sharing this sequence. Thanks in advance. dep.byoung@hotmail.com
  15. Would you mind sharing please. Thanks in advance. dep.byoung@hotmail.com
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