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  1. MichaelF

    Equipment Start

    I may go ahead and try the ribbon, thanks...thats what my current "dumb string" is. Just to clarify...Im talking 200'-250' of whatever light I go with. Any idea how many feet of the ribbon I can connect to this controller at the center point of the string, would 125' each direction, from the pixie, on 2 channels, be acceptable? Will I need to supplement/inject power at the ends? Thanks again, MLF
  2. MichaelF

    Equipment Start

    I would prefer to not have a dedicated computer, so the showtime controller makes sense, plus room for possible future expansion.. I may be way off track, so any help to get where I need to be is much appreciated. If you can suggest a list of what I need? The lights listed above would be a start for the "project evaluation" stage, with the balance to be ordered a little later. Would the Pixie 16 or Pixcon 16 be appropriate for the 200' or so of lights listed below? This is the original request I sent to the help desk, below underlined. "I want a relatively simple setup...A string of LED's around edge of house, approx. 200'. I like the look of the "12v pixels,100 count". I would like to leave these mounted all of the time. I want the ability to do patterns, chasing, flashing, blinking, etc plus the ability to have random colors, or holiday specific colors that can be changed with the season. such as red/white/green/gold for Christmas, or red/white/blue for national holidays, purple/yellow/green for Mardi Gras, etc. Is there a stand alone unit that I can put a memory card in for different colors or sequences that I program on computer and just plug the card in the standalone controller? Do I have to have a dedicated computer to run this? Can you advise exactly what I need to do this? All inclusive, how many strings of the lights, adaptors, cables."
  3. MichaelF

    Equipment Start

    I am new with Smart pixels, Ive been doing dumb. Looking for a starter set to experiment with. I'm thinking G3-MP3 control and IP68 100 Pixel String, 12V with connection dangle, and the LOR software. A couple of questions...1) Do I need a separate power supply to control the G3, if so which one? 2) Can this particular string be connected end to end?