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  1. I've used Light-o-Rama for many years and switched to S5 when it first came out. This year when I start my shows there is a long delay in between sequences. I changed the show to load all sequences before playing. It takes about 7 or 8 minutes for the show to start, but there is no delay in between sequences. Last year with S5, I had to generate a .play file and put that in the show. With this version, the option to generate the play file is gone, but I can use the *.loredit file in the show instead...Am I missing something here? Has the *.play file been eliminated? Is there a better way to prevent the delay in my show?
  2. Yup. That's it. I checked that list and overlooked it. Thanks for being more observant than I!
  3. I see the groups that I created in earlier versions of S5. I can double click on the group and see the group definition. But I don't see any way to create new prop groups. The help topic appears to be out of date. From the help topic "The List menu on the Pixel Editor's Preview Design allows you to switch the item list between Prop Mode and Group Mode." But there is no List Menu on the Preview Design window...at least not that I can find.
  4. These are the strings I'm looking at. I will purchase whatever controller they require. The product description says they can be controlled by Pixie4, Pixie8, Pixie16, CCC-II and Pixcon16 devices. I already own 2 if the Pixie 16s and 6 of the CCC-II. And I'm looking at these new strings for the roof line, just exploring my options and wondering if anyone has used the end-to-end with any of these controllers and how many I could string together http://store.lightorama.com/12vgrbu50cow.html I'm trying to figure out how many strings I can connect end-to-end Also using LOR S5 software.
  5. I'm considering the IP68 50 strings with the end-to-end connectors, but can't find any details on how many strings you can put end to end. I'd appreciate any details anyone can provide.
  6. Well now I know. Thanks for the information. And to answer the question. Yes. I see all three monitors two monitors, one projector. My desktop extends across all three. But looks like at this point it doesn't really matter.
  7. Thanks for the detailed reply. I had found that but it doesn't seem to control the windows media player visualizations. When I used the options listed above my visualizations stopped working completely.
  8. My audio visualizations were playing fine whenever I ran the show. But when I hooked up my projector as a third monitor and tried to set the visualizations to that. They stopped working all together. I can't find the settings for audio visualizations? Running 5.0.14
  9. I use z-wave to turn on my FM transmitter and power supplies and turn off my outside security lights and porch lights while the shows are running and then turn them back on after the show is over. But that's all done outside of LOR with my Vera home automation controller.
  10. I have 6 pixie 2 controllers. This makes the second time that they have all set their device numbers back to 1. Has anyone ever had this problem?
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