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  1. How do I add CMB24D controller to my show?

    It works! After trying these suggestions, everything is working now. I set the CMB24D as Unit 02 with DIP Switch 8 on. Also, I used this as the first controller in the chain, connecting the CTB16 with a 6ft cat5 cable 2nd. Now my HWU recognizes both units. Thank you so much for all of your input and help. Let the addiction begin!
  2. How do I add CMB24D controller to my show?

    I does appear that the Basic license allows for 2 controllers. Advanced is unlimited. Unless I'm missing something?
  3. How do I add CMB24D controller to my show?

    Thank you so much!
  4. How do I add CMB24D controller to my show?

    I purchased a 5 seat license for Light-O-Rama Basic with SuperStar Demo. Its good through version 5.6.
  5. This is my first year as a LOR customer, and I just received the starter package with the CTB16PCg3 controller. I also purchased a musical sequence and have begun testing. I have kept the Unit ID of the CTB16 at 01 and everything works great. I have plugged in several strands of lights to all 16 channels and they dance to the music sequence in time. The problem I have is in trying to add the CMB24D contoller. They are connected with the appropriate cat5 cable. I purchased a set of 8 10w floods to be run by this controller. I assume the LOR ID should be 02, and have changed the DIP Switch Address Settings accordingly (0 0000 0010). Is this correct? When opening the HWU and refreshing the units to configure, it only finds the CTB16. The light in the CMB24 is solid red.How do I add this controller?