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  1. Not sure what this is but I’m intrigued, can you send it over sean55455@gmail.com
  2. James can you shoot this over? Sean55455@gmail.com thank you
  3. James can you shoot this over please? Sean55455@gmail.com
  4. I had my emails returned for an invalid email address. Can you confirm this is correct?
  5. Send your email, I’ll share what I have for my RGB floods.
  6. James can you shoot this over please sean55455@gmail.com
  7. Can you shoot this over James? Sean55455@gmail.com
  8. James this is the lms I was asking you about
  9. James can you shoot me a copy of this? I just want to see the clock ticking part lol Sean55455@gmail.com
  10. Hello again JR, thanks again for your help in the past. I am not familiar with them, however I am currently in the planning stage so everything is on the table. I figured arches were more common so There would be more resources available to help me get off the ground. I’ll look into them now.
  11. Thank you for sharing...that looks like the perfect way to go about the actual construction. When you added these to your sequences did you do it from scratch or use superstar or a combination of both? I was playing with superstar last night but while it was decent you could tell it didn’t give the “wow” factor. Sean
  12. hello everyone, Im just getting into CC anything this year and picked up a set of CCP at the sale yesterday with the intention of making 1 or 2 leaping arches. My question is what is everyone using as the frame support for the CCP when doing this? I want to get my feet wet with CC before i go too crazy as I only have 5 years experience with basic controllers and dumb RGB so this whole micro controlling individual pixels and adding them to my display seems a little daunting at this point. thanks for any advice sean
  13. Thanks jr....I looked at what you did to fill in the void with the other singers, now I'm going to try and apply that same idea to other songs where I currently have all 4 faces singing the same thing "just to put them to work". I will try using a high quality wired headset....if nothing else it will help with the loud kids problem. thanks again sean
  14. Does anyone have multiple singing faces available for thriller that they at willing to share? I have the main vocals on two faces but I was looking for ideas on a backup singer for this....im having trouble since its a one or two singing face song thanks everyone in advance for any help sean55455@gmail.com sean
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