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  1. Hey all I am taking a bunch of time off from decorating to pursue other things in life. I have four LOR CTB16 controllers. They are painted black also are setup with one ac cord vs two. 150.00 each plus shipping. OBO Pics will be upload later today or tomorrow. Please email me or text me as I am not on the forums much. 3609035900 brandonwhiteheadfitness@gmail.com Thanks Brandon
  2. Jim, What version Excel you running. I found on Excel 2008 I had the same problem. The 2013 Excel will give you the option to create a table. Unless I am missing something in 2008 i didn't know about. Once I upgraded I had no issues creating the xml table.
  3. Thanks Matt, that does help. I will be working on it this weekend. I am also going to incorporate my neighbors house into my display next year. Really want to use PE to sequence instead of using my madrix which I will keep for my Mega tree since I already own it. Hopefully it works out.
  4. Hey all I am in no hurry as I am not doing a show this year but starting on learning PE now. I am trying to get my house roof line setup and my Dumb RGB christmas sign setup in PE as well. Couple questions I like to try to represent my preview from looking at my house from across the street. In the picture there will be some sides that I will not be able to see. Would it be best to setup my roof lines from looking above instead? I take it that is the only way to define the pixel map right? Second question is making my Merry Christmas sign in prop def using custom I will need to make my letters individually I understand that but since each letter is dumb rgb around 50 nodes do I just outline in the custom box grid using 1 or x not sure what to use. I understand if it was I would use the number the pixel cordinates to 1,2,3,4 etc Would I do the same for dumb as well. Sorry it this doesn't make since just want to do this once. Also I have a request is there a way to make the Prop Def screen scale able to enlarge it so we are not scrolling back on fourth in 2in by 2in box? I got use to madrix (in which this really reminds me of) where in the patch generator we defined our pixels and moved them how we wanted to made quick work of setting up things like roof lines. Pretty quickly too. Thanks for the Help
  5. My got my room reserved with no problems Mark just an FYI still doesn't work on the website I just called the number on website and was able to get it reserved with no issues. The guy new exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the heads up!!
  6. I have one and love it. http://www.mydoordecor.com/Pages/Christmas.aspx
  7. I have stayed at the La Quinta, Comfort Inn and Ramada Inn all are good. No issues the times I have stayed there. The Ramada was little nicer then the other two. All three of these are right next to each other. -Brandon
  8. I had an ahole on Xmas eve. Cars lined out my subdivision with a 20 min wait. I only had two songs running with 3 voice overs. I had a car load come around the back side and park in the middle of the street blocking the street against the flow of traffic. He argued with me over an over again. Stating he would move when needed but what he doesn't realize is it only takes two more cars to cause a traffic jam and yes it has happened and sucks trying to get it un-done. People like this make me not want to do a show some times. But then you get the little girl that so giddie and giggley smiling from ear to ear then you get an older gentlemen that be-boppin in his car with the music and I hear his wife say to him what has gotten into you!! Then comes out to tell me that he loved it and felt like a kid again. So those are the memories we need to hold on to and keep doing what we do. Make people smile. At least I have to keep telling my self that. There are more good memories then the 1% of jackasses that we have to deal with. From young adults blaring music not want to acknowdlege me and then when asked to turn down through a crack in they're window and they turn it up more. Leaving me no choice to show them up(and in front of they're ladies od course LOL) and turnign the music down for them. They left right away. They weren't very happy with me. All in all we just have to put up with it. We build it they will come. The biggest petpeav for me was people asking me constantly address and directions. OMG its not like its posted on my website or facebook page also in the paper etc. Finally I had to put it in big geen bold on my facebook cover photo to get it across to people. Its the hand holding mentaility these days. We just got to remember why we doing for the kids and the kids at heart.
  9. Since 2008 Virtual Santa has always been most talked about display item.
  10. I been having the same issue. Put in a trouble ticket a while back and the only help answered I got was enhancements are coming. Really we been told this all year. I don't have a bunch of pixels either. Less then 50 rgb channels. Ever since I put v3.11.2 I noticed it being pretty buggy. Its locked up on me all the time. Have to shut down the program and restart etc. Very frustrating with no updates to the software not even for bugs fixes all year what since march probably. We all no that the enhancements are not coming out this year. But you would think we would get some info on bug fixes. Really disappointing with LOR.
  11. EDM is a good one it only takes a couple weeks to get it. http://www.edmdesign.com/
  12. Is it an Iphone? I have the same issues when uploading photos taken with my IPhone to Craigslist or Ebay. Have to use a regular camera. Or not an Iphone. Don't know why it does it though.
  13. I hope it comes out soon. I have lot of issues with this current version I need had before espeacially lag with the visualizer. With both RGB and non RGB channels. Probably going back a revision. Getting very frustrating.
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