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  1. Hello,

    I just upgraded to S5 and also added a 2nd controller this year.  When I create a new preview, it asks for max circuit....should I put 16 for each controller amount (since controller ID will be different) or the total number?  Also, what is the purpose of creating groups?  I watched a tutorial of someone creating basic lights on a house.  She created groups, but didn't say why.  Thank you for your help!  🙂

  2. I don't really know what I want or need.   lol  Just think it may be something....  

    Here's what it looks like now with a 16 channel controller.


  3. I have an LOR160xW Light Controller and was wondering what is the least expensive way to upgrade my system.

    Should I purchase another controller or the system that allows lights to change colors?  Costs??

    Thank you,

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