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    RGB Lights - LOR vs. Others, Any Difference?

    Adding on to my earlier posts. The warranty and service is excellent. Last year I had 1 RGB go bad, I put in a warranty claim and a couple of days later they shipped me a new string. I wrote more details about this on my blog so will not repeat here, you can read about it if you like: https://chasinrudolph.ca/2018/08/29/the-2018-light-o-rama-order-is-in/
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    Now Sharing ~ Dominic the Donkey singing faces

    I would love a copy chasinrudolph@outlook.com
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    Stand for LOR RGB50 Flood Lights

    I just used this solution, great idea, simple to build and creates a nice sturdy base that will keep the lights out of the snow (hopefully). I did take the Pest's advice and mount the power supply inside the crate for a little extra protection. I wrote a blog about the build if anyone else is looking to do this., https://chasinrudolph.ca/2017/11/21/milk-crates-and-floodlights/
  4. ChasinRudolph

    RGB Lights - LOR vs. Others, Any Difference?

    Adding to my earlier post I just received the CCB II's yesterday and they were completely Plug an Play. After unboxing I plugged in the network cable opened the hardware utility found the controller and could light them up. After this I switched the dip switches to map to the channel, played my sequence & nothing.... I thought about this for a min Checked my network settings, change it to enhanced and the sequence worked. Adding the LOR RGBs couldn't be easier and in my mind is well worth any extra cost.
  5. ChasinRudolph

    RGB Lights - LOR vs. Others, Any Difference?

    I decided to Buy LOR pixels for exactly the reasons Mr. P mentioned (easy button) after looking around at the build up and configuration of other options. I also really liked the idea of having a finished and weatherproof product that was warrantied by a vendor. I live in Canada so they are going to experience a lot of snow and extreme temperatures so the warranty and build quality are important to me. One other thing to consider if you are building your own you can customize lengths of CCRs to fit your application where the LOR ones are a standard length, because of this I choose to go with Pixel bulbs rather than CCRs to outline my house. I didn't want to introduce additional complexity in my first year using pixels.I may rethink this next year when I have time to research either building my own CCRs or the impact of cutting LOR CCRs to fit my application.