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  1. I have many sequences with CC Pixels that I manually created pixel by pixel. I do a lot of copying and pasting from one device to another. When copying multiple channels at a time, the paste operation takes minutes. It appears like an n2 operation is occurring in the copy paste code because as the number of channels goes up, the paste operation takes exponentially longer. Copying 100 channels at a time can take over 10 minutes. If this isn't corrected, I will have to go back to S4.
  2. In 2016 I Trimmed my house with CC PIxels with 50 bulbs per strand. Due to the limited length, this left me hanging the controllers at the highest peeks of the house which wasn't the most convenient thing to do. With the new CC Pixels now having 100 bulbs per strand, I purchased the new CCP IIs with 100 bulbs to get around this problem. I was told by the help desk that in the S4 Visualizer you can't have more than 50 Pixels on a strand, so there isn't a way to visualize those new devices, and that I should try the Beta. I began using the Beta this week, and have figured out how to create my Preview with all of my new Props. Of course when importing/upgrading my 2016 sequences, those channels don't align with the same channels/type, so they get archived. I've figured out how to import the prop from the Preview, right click and add the Channel Level from the Pixel Prop, then Copy/Paste the archived channel to the new Prop. The issue however is that it takes 2 min and 15 seconds to paste just 1 50 Pixel string. I have to do this for 11 Strings. At that pace, it will take 30 minutes per song to re-configure 6 Devices. Between Halloween and Christmas, I have nearly 80 songs. Is there a more practical way of re-configuring channels. This would have taken seconds per song in S4.
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